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Major help needed x

Evening all

Tomorrow I'm out for the day at dd judo comp and mum is coming with us. My problem is mum has said we should take lunch with us as she doesn't no I'm on cwp. I'm currently on ss so thought about swapping to 810 for tomorrow but not sure if that's allowed?? Also I've been looking in the book and the amount of chicken your allowed seems alot with abit of lettuce would it be ok to have half the chicken and a boiled egg insted then my lunch wouldn't look to out of place lol

Many thanks Jenny xx
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sounds like it's a plan..

stick to protein and salad no dressing if u have to have to eat...

most importantly have a good time :)
Thanks both for your replys x

I don't do salad dressing so it will be a mix of green salad chicken and an egg actually looking forward to it now x

I would tell mum I'm doing it but last time I did cwp I was Ill and had to come off it on drs orders so she would only worry about it.

Thanks again Jenny x
I can understand how she would be worried, I didn't tell my mum for the first month (helps that she doesn't live in the same country or she'd have noticed) I knew she'd be worried if it was healthy etc...
I hope you OK this time and not having the same problems as you did last time round. Maybe when your mum sees you doing OK you can tell her!!

I would think that as long as you stuck to protein and a bit of salad then she'll not notice, probably only think you're healthy eating
Good luck x
Hi, M to 1. Doing SSor 810 for the odd should be fine ( from past experience) but personally I would stick to exactly what the book allows rather than having half chicken and replacing with egg. Remember a lot of research has gone into formulating the plan and the amounts of food we can have and the combination. My fear is that to substitute things can lead to a slippery slope and ultimately either slow down loss or make it harder because you are. It in ketosis.

However, you need to do what suits you on the day. Dont give up whatever you decide and don't beat yourself up about it either. X
i'm mrs cautious, but i can't see any reason why half a portion of one allowed protein, combined with half a portion of another allowed protein would be a problem.
Your right Spnagles. I'm just so concious that I've fallen off the waggon in the very early when I've slighlty changed something. For me it's a psychological thing! I'd derail myself! But then I haven't got a good track record for me re-starts! Despite doing SS successfully twice previously!!
Thanks all for your replys xx

I've been reading through the book and ss+ has less chicken so I'm going to go with that option my only problem is I'm confused as to the amount of green salad I'm allowed. It says "two(15ml/15g)tablespoons" so does it mean 30g of salad or 2 tablespoons as I can't fit 15g on a tablespoon lol or just 15g help!!!!!!!

Eating chicken and salad will be fine by mum as she has just got to target at slimming world so that's healthy. She had 1 stone to get to target, if only that was me too. Xxx

Thanks again jenny
I'd weigh salad on the scales. 30g of greenery. :)
It's perfectly ok to mix and match protein foods. Half of allowed portion of one and half of another.

There is NO issue on cd of you not being allowed. You bend the diet as per the rules to what you want. If you want a bit of salad and mushrooms you can mix and match there too.
Thanks all for the replys after all my planning it never went to plan anyway :(

My dd won all her fights and won gold so mum decided to take us out for a carvery instead grrrr so I never ate my chicken and lettuce. I ended up with turkey, peas,green beans, broccoli and 2 roast potatoes an cranberry sauce. I'm not going to beat myself up over it as I enjoyed what I ate. This morning I'm back on track had a shake and 1lt of water already so I'm hoping by tomorrow afternoons wi I don't gain to much and if I do then it will be off by next wi.

Have a fab day all :) :)
Well done for getting back on track not beating yourself up about it! And of course well done to your dd for the judo comp! Sounds like you all had a fab time!

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