Making Crisps, Making Popadoms, What else is possible?


Hi Ya

Im starting CD on Monday and I have heard people on about making Crisps and Popadoms etc. How do you do that?

Also could anyone share some tips on how to make things interesting and ring the changes?

Yes, some of the nutrients are lost in the cooking process so it is reccommended that you don't cook more than one pack a day. I had one pack made into crisps every day for 4 months and I was still thriving so I can personally vouch that whatever nutrients are lost, it's not enough to do any damage!!

Making crisps can be a bit tricky at first, there's a definite knack to it. First few attempts of mine I ended up eating soggy stogey soup mix and paper. Try to get a teflon baking sheet to use in the microwave as non stick grease proof paper/ baking parchment etc do not work!