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You know when you really, really have that I must eat chocolate feeling! Well I had that earlier and there was no chocolate in the house! Apart from 1 malt toffee CD bar! So I cut it up into loads pieces about 5mm thick got 30 pieces! then cut in half. Put on my baking sheet and cooked for 1 minute in the microwave....stuck them in the fridge and am now tucking into..........MALTESERS!!! OMG they are almost the same if not better.

Just thought I'd tell you all.

Kamilla x
WOW - i'm loving this idea. Gonna try them tonight. THANKS :D
No there isn't!!! I'm off it for another 4-6 weeks EEK! :eek: as had an operation a few weeks ago :( Missing it like mad! Even though I was the biggest cheat out and have lost no where near as much as I could have! I could have been at goal now if I'd stuck to it instead it'll be March at least before I am :(. But this break has made me realise how much I want to be slim roll on 4-6 weeks!!

Thanks Kimilla will take your advice.
Although I have been doing CD for nealy 9 month this is the firy time I have realy cooked any of the bars.
Boreing or what???????????????
Will try more things now .
Hope you are getting over your opp ok.
and that you can soon start CD again