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Management Thread ........

What a good idea! Count me in. Only done 3 days (see recent post). It would be great to be able to support each other.
Great - well I shall make a start. Even though I have been on magmt for three weeks my clothes keep feeling loose (er) by the day ! I lost 3 pounds in my first week but I know I have stayed the same this week as I went away for the weekend so although I have got back on track I have not lost weight. People keep commenting that I look like I have lost more weight - I think it must be my body catching up with the pounds. Although I wish my tummy would shrink a bit more !
I start management on Saturday and I would love to join in with this thread. It will be really good to have support from others at the same stage and share all our experiences!

I can’t wait until Saturday. I can't quite believe I am finally starting to reintroduce food again. I am really excited but also a little scared, actually maybe more than just a little. My chatterbox voice is telling me I am going to pile on the pounds as soon as I start eating food again. Going to miss the comfort and security of abstinence.
I am (probably!!) starting management too next week !!

:confused: I am finishing my 14 weeks foundation next week and am planning on going straight onto management. Advice please ! My counsellor says in her experience you don't lose ANY weight on management and although I don't want to lose much more, wondered what other peoples real life experience was ? I have lost 3 stone (before final weigh in tonight) am down to 9st 7 and am 5ft 4 which would put my BMI at 22 point something, advice please girls !!! Victoria.x.
My LLC reckons it's best not to go into management if you are definitely wanting to lose more as it's just extra pressure on top of all the new stuff you have to take on board. However I've been told it's common to lose up to 7 lbs. I made the switch as I'm only a couple of pounds off my goal and I'm not worried if I don't lose that. I liked the idea of starting at the end of the 100 days - nice and neat! One of my group has done management twice before (!) and lost half a stone both times. As for your ideal BMI - that depends on your frame and what size of body you are happy with. Underweight is <18.5 and overweight is >25 (though more recently I've heard >23 is overweight for women - not universally accepted yet), so pick a number between those 2 figures. It's about what feels comfortable for your body. I'm enjoying my meal a day now I've got flavours - had smoked mackerel, prawns and spinach for lunch and loved it. And I know I won't be hungry for hours - what a novelty!
Hi I am just starting week 11 and will be pretty much at my target weight too by the end of the 100 days.

I was trying to find our last night how management actually works (we did have a locum last night not our LLC) and she seemed to not be quite sure how it all works.

Have you had to sign up and pay for a months worth of packs initally? I am going to struggle to get to the one weekly management meeting they hold though she said I could use the pop in mid week if I want. Are you just paying for the packs after the initial 100 days?



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great idea for a thread :D and congratulations to you all for getting to the Management stage of the programme :clap: :clap:

Management really is important so please stick with it :)

July bride, after your 100 days, you still have groups but move onto the foundation stage of the programme.

As you progress through management you use less packs, gradually cutting them out all together once you get to week 12, although some peeps still use them as part of their daily life...

Hi July Bride, basically we have a meeting like in foundation but only for 1 1/2 hours. Management lasts for 12 weeks and you pay for your packs a week at a time like on foundation. You have 3 packs a day for weeks 1-2 (£49.50) then 2 a day on weeks 3-8(£33) and 1 a day weeks 9-12(£16.50). It's very well structured but there's quite a lot to get your head round. The group may have people at various stages of the 12 weeks plus others who have "finished" but still come for support. I intend to attend regularly, maybe forever! There is a counselling type activity each week and a blue book (like the green one) with activities to do at home. This also details all the foods which are introduced week by week. I've only had one session so far but it was excellent and I think it would be good if you could get to the meetings if poss. Good luck!
Hi all

I have my managment meeting tonight - am really hoping that I will have lost a pound. For those that have been asking about weight loss - I lost three pounds in the first week of managment.

Hvae begun to realise that the quality of food is really important - today I bought a fruit salad and some crudites at work (£3.40 - I could have bought 8 choc bars for that rediculous) I bought my own dip was so annoyed the crudites were horrible they had sat in water and were soggy - what a waste of money. I didn't eat them and just ate the fruit and had a bar, I shall complain tomorrow !

I have had my tea already a chicken and bacon salad - I have made some jelly for later and added some raspberries and blueberries - they look lovely.

Someone at school noticed that I had lost weight !!! I can't beleive it has taken her this long to work it out I have lost four stone so she must have looked the other way everytime I walk into the playground !!!

I have been very tempted with chocolate today - thinking one little bit won't hurt - managed to chuck it in the bin - was also tempted by the kids crusts - again they went in the bin so am quite chuffed - am very aware of my chatterbox saying go on one won't hurt !!! This is going to be an ongoing battle.

Another peice of good news - someone where I work has decided to do lighter life - I am so pleased this is the beginning of the rest of her life !
Just wanted to say congratulations to all those starting management! And well done on the weight loss. I still have a way to go til I get to management but like to read the threads! :)
Hi all

Have had another weekend away - full english breakfast etc - as last week ate fruit for lunch and salad for tea today - will check th damage tomorrow. I have prepared my lunch - dips and veggies for tomorrow. I have had a very bad week emotionally and I think it is becsaue I have suddenly realised that any emotion I had - I hid with food and it has been very upsetting for me to realise this. Onwards and upwards ...............
Hi supermum, full English breakfast sounds nice! However I probably couldn't eat one yet... it's so weird getting full so quickly. Good for you for being aware of the link between your emotions and food - I'm sure you'll be able to work through this though. For Sunday lunch I had raw veg and 0% fat Greek yoghurt and felt full before I'd eaten all the veg. I then worked out the calories and got to the grand total of... 80:D! It made me laugh - the concept of being full on 80 calories is totally alien to my life so far. Had my 2nd management meeting after - lost 6 lbs:eek: but really only 3 or 4 as I'd been wearing jeans the previous week (v. heavy) and only "lost" 1 lb. It's a bit unnerving being below my goal but that will soon change once the glycogen makes a comeback. I will not stint on the yoghurt though - love it. Can't wait for fruit and smoothies. We talked about our concept of a healthy relationship with food. I must say I think the food in the management programme is all I'll ever need - whether or not I'll want the other stuff in a few months is another matter. At the moment I am loving the freedom of not wanting unhealthy food. I can read recipes and think how tasty a dessert looks but not want it, I can bake and handle cakes, there's been an Easter egg on my chest of drawers for 3 weeks and I don't register it's there - pre LL I'd have found a twisted excuse to gobble it up instantly. These thoughts and feelings are so strange for me. It just shows how powerful the CBT etc can be. I have done a lot of reading around the subject too which must have helped, but I'm still nervous about reverting to the old, established patterns of thinking when I start to eat "normal" food. Still, I'm on my guard!
Hi all,

Started management on Saturday.

Saturday evening I had a chicken breast for dinner. It was the first taste of conventional food for 6 months! It tasted lovely. I couldnt eat all of it, managed about 2/3rds and then felt comfortably full. Concentrated on eating slowly and enjoying the taste. Afterwards felt full but not bloated and had my third and final pack as hot chocolate before bed.

Yesterday I had fresh tuna steak. It was delicious but the portion was huge so I only ate about half of it. So relieved that I can recognise when I am feeling comfortably full and when to stop as this was something I was concerned about.

Today, day 3, the list of allowed food increases with the introduction of green salad, cabbage, celery, lettuce etc. as well as a whole list of herbs, spices and condiments.

Off shopping at lunchtime, think I will either have salmon or grilled lemon sole with salad for dinner tonight.

Still feel anxious about food but I think that will ease once I have attended session next Sat and get weighed and see that I havent piled on the pounds just by reintroducing food.

Hope x

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