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Total Solution Mandy's Journey.............

Hi all,

Thought I'd start my diary today.
I've got a lot to lose and have been following weight watchers and taking xenical since the beginning of June. I lost 32lbs but in recent weeks just been messing about really. I've followed a vlcd before and lost 8 stone so i can do this. It was the re-introduction of food that i fell foul of. I thought I could just eat like before even though I had been through cognitive therapy. This time I know how i'm going to deal with it.
In preparation for Exante, I've been doing Celebrity Slim until yesterday, I did have a sneak peek on the scales today and i have lost over half a stone already in 4 days. Will wait until the end of the week to update my tickers.
Looking forward to reading how everyone is getting on so onwards and downwards to us all lol.

Mandy :wee:
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Day 2

Had the banana shake for breakfast, thought it was very creamy and quite nice.
Tomato and Basil soup for lunch, much better than I expected but did put plenty of black pepper in it.
Toffee, nut and raisin bar for tea. I liked it so much, I would actually go and buy that for a normal snack.
Have felt a bit hungry today but nothing i can't deal with, ketosis won't be far away.

hey mandy, welcome bk to the vlcd diet lol, im sure you cannot wait to see the amazing results hun! im on my 7ths week as from tomorow-:D and cannot belive the changes in my body- GOOD LUCK xx
Hi Mandy, just wanted to wish you the very best of luck although you sound so determined, I'm sure you won't need it ;-) looking forward to the banana shake after your description - haven't tried it yet. Vanilla is definitely my favourite and I too loved the bar!! Will have a peek in tomorrow to see how you're doing..
I've only had vanilla so far !! Will try banana tomorrow. Here's hoping both of us close to ketosis (I've just finished day 1) xx

(25.08.08-18 stone 5) (27.08.11 - 12 stone 6 83 lost 21lbs to go!!
Thanks everyone.
I was due to start today but managed to buy some surplus Exante from a friend and started yesterday. She sold me 2 weeks worth for £30.
Have any of you bought Exante from a certain auction site as i've just paid for some Chocolate shakes. I paid just over £1 per shake so I didn't think that was too bad. I have ordered 1 weeks supply from Exante but because of the bank holiday theres been a small delay and they're been delivered tomorrow.
I'm going to try all the shakes, soups and bars and then decide on what flavours to order. Looking forward to going shopping for smaller clothes so the charity shops might do well out of me lol.

Hi Mandy

Just want to wish you all the best in your journey xx I'm on day 15 and it's going ok :)

I love charity shopping I usually find a posh little village nearby and bless the lovely ladies who can't possibly wear something twice lol found some amazing bargains xx

Have a great day and I hope the ketosis fairy visits soon :)
Hi all.

For breakfast i've split the vanilla shake, so had half this morning and saving the other half for this evening.
Found it quite along time from 5.30pm till morning.
Planning to have a soup for lunch, not sure which flavour yet and a bar for tea.
Will be back on later to let you all know how day 3 has gone.

Well i'm very surprised at the veg soup, it was really nice, put black pepper in it. Will be ordering a few of them.
Up to now I haven't had anything that I didn't like so the goings good.



is gonna do it!!
Hi Mandy,
Glad your finding it ok so far. I wish I enjoyed the soups cos it's nice having something warm in the evening. I can't stomach them at all!!!
I liked the veg soup on LL so i was hoping that Exante would be similar. It tastes very creamy and it's really nice with black pepper in.

Had a Orange and Chocolate bar for tea, the jurys still out on that one. It did repeat on me. I've got another 8 so better get used to them lol.
Had the other half of the vanilla shake tonight and it has kept off the hunger pangs. Really hoping that Ketosis kicks in soon because I know i won't feel hungry at all, if last time is anything to go by.
I ordered some Ketone Sticks so hoping they'll arrive tomorrow.



is gonna do it!!
I like the bars, but the toffee one is the nicer of the 2. Apparently we can also have the biggest loser bars too, although I haven't tried them
Hmm I haven't tried the orange and chocolate bar yet. Am loving toffee. You're doing great - ketosis can't be far away now, am crossing my fingers it kicks in for you soon x
Hooray!!!!! I'm in ketosis, checked at lunch after the ketone sticks were delivered.
Should have known really as i've no hunger pangs at all today.

For breakfast I had half a chocolate shake, I didn't think it was very sweet but it was ok.
For lunch, mushroom soup, it was nice actually.
Tea will be a bar, I'll give the choc/orange another chance lol.
Supper, the half a choc shake left from brekkie.
Feel so much better today, it's true the first 3 days are the worst.


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