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Mange Tout - Cruise phase


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Good Evening Lovely ladies!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

I've been busy eating all the things i know i won't be allowed as of tomorrow! :D

So, my book arrived y'day - yay!! Just a quick quesiton on Veg....When in cruise phase, can we only eat the things he lists?? He doesn't mention Mange tout or baby corn...and i love both?!

Also, attack phase, he says you can't have onions, but suggests using them for flavour?! Confused.com?! lol

And finally, he doesn't mention diet fizzy drinks...but i know everyone is drinking them? Are they definitely ok in Attack?!

Thanks in advance...dreading getting on the scales tomorrow morning after this weekends indulgences!!!:cry:

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Great news about your book arriving!

I'll try and answer your questions, so here goes...

I don't think that either mangetout or baby corn are allowed as you're not allowed to eat peas or sweetcorn, which are just more maturely grown versions of those.

For onions and gherkins, think of them as a seasoning during Attack and not proper vegetable accompaniments. For example, you can make burgers from very lean mince and a little chopped onion and/or gherkin - but use just enough to give them a little flavour.

For diet drinks, you're allowed only those which provide a calorie or less per glass. I don't think any of the fruit flavoured ones come under that category - but things like Diet Coke are fine.

Hope that helps, and good luck!
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Im afraid corn is a real no no in any form !!!!! and dont think any form of peas are allowed either

i drink loads of pepsi max all through if you find you stop losing it can be that or diary so you have to play till you find what suits
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Generally if it's not mentioned, don't eat/drink it!

Sweetcorn and peas are both high in carbs, best left until conso when you can have them once a week with your gala meal.

Onions, etc have quite a bit of sugar in them, but if you use a small amount it will jazz things up, ditto garlic. Also, I always had a couple of gherkins on PP days as there's no 'bite' with food otherwise on those days! Just don't eat the whole jar.

He does say that diet coke is unlimited, but I'd limit it if you can as your tastebuds won't adjust if you're drinking 'sweet' stuff. Water is best, green tea good too.


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thanks alot everyone for your replies!!

I kinda figured I wouldn't be allowed those veg - a girl can hope hey!! :O)

Re onions - it makes sense what you ladies are saying...use them more to give a flavour, than eat them as vegetable in their own right!

I'll limit the coke Zero - but its nice to have a different flavour!

Day 1 going ok so far....made porridge this morning with the oat bran - not really a big enough portion for me - but tasted nice :O)

Hope everyone is having a good monday!



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It's true that 1 1/2 tablespoons isn't a huge portion of porridge, but you could always follow that up with an egg and smoked salmon... (or maybe tomorrow try to make a galette and serve with something else...). I love my egg + ss Sunday breakfast!

Don't go hungry...


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I'm sure I read somewhere - maybe on the Dukan site that Mange Tout were ok and I have been eating them - although not every day.


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If you google.co.uk, "Dukan and mangetout", you can eat them.

In France you can't.

Given that they've double the carbs of normal green beans, it would really depend on what other carbs you eat that day/week as to whether they'll trip you up. But in reality, they're no worse than carrots... and better than parsnips...

I'd stay well away, personally...

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