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Mango Madness



Nearly there...
Oooh news to me... Is it really sweet or ??
I messaged mine and samples were given to CDC's at a conference as a limited edition. My CDC has none as she didn't attend. X

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I'm looking forward to getting these next week when they are released - had a sample taste last week at my CDC's and it was lovely. That's speaking as someone who only gets the chocolate mint shakes :D
just bought some today of my consultant, she let me try it before and mm it tastes like solero ice lollies! im going to have one with loads of crushed ice in mmmm

They've all gone now! Does anyne know if they're gonna bring then back? They were so nice and summery and great with crushed ice!


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I had Mango shakes the other week that my CDC gave me as she had some left over, i made a thread on here about it lol.. personally i found them disgusting, tasted like yoghurt.
They're back!


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Mango schmango...what about CD inventing some savoury bars........!


Dementia said:
Mango schmango...what about CD inventing some savoury bars........!
I'd quite like them to make some crisp type things like how u can make them with soups x


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I've just bought my first mango shake. My CDC says that 2 other flavours are going to be brought out in the summer but she hasn't been told what the flavours are. There will then be a vote at their annual meeting to decide which one to keep. I found this quite exciting - clearly I need to get out more!
I am on first full day today and really like the choc shake (tastes like Angel Delight) but thats a good job as I had to have a shake instead of the RANK Original Porridge for brekkie today:cry:! Honestly porridge is sooo gross and that was unexpected as thougt would just tase bland like normal porridge with water but the sickly artificial taste is baaaad *shudders*
Anyone else who is a choccie shake fan have other flavours they particularly love? I was thinking about Cappuccino and Vanilla? As much as I like the choccie now I don't want to over dose on it and get put off! Maybe I will swap all this weeks porridge for choc shakes but buy one of most of the other shake flavours to see what i like...conundrum:)
Whoop Whoop! I'm getting 4 mango shakes tomorrow!!!!!! :D

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