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Manjits WW Diary. Lost 4lbs!!!!!

Ok, so its my first day back on WW after managing only 5 days on CD. It didnt agree with me, I had diahorria and the constant trips to loo were getting me in to trouble at work :cry:its kinda hard to go to the loo when driving a train LOL! Plus my social life was killed in a instant! I had to give up bdays etc!!!
So here I am. Im finding it hard actually to eat food because I feel guilty which is not normal right?
Anyway this is what Ive had today

My last CD porridge cause its quite nice! About 2

Tin of tuna in spring water with a little mayo and about 1/4 of a cucumber 4

Asda mini tikka marinated chicken breast 4

Gosh thats not alot is it considering I should be having 31 points!! Eeeekkkk!!!!!
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Means there is always time for a choc bar!! lol
You should try to get to 27 at least! I found it hard at the start to use all my points....not its the opposite! ha ha!
even if you dont have all your points, your body NEEDS 16 points a day to function properly - if you go below that, your body will go into starvation mode and will cling to all the fat in the food you have eaten. Potato / pasta / rice is a healthy way to rack up a few points - your body will at least benefit more from 4 points worth of those than 4 points worth of chocolate etc. You dont have to starve yourself to lose weight - you might find your first week you STS or lose only a little as it will take your body a few days to adjust to eating proper meals again.
Hey gals yeah I know I should eat but CD has made me scared of putting on weight!! EEkkkkk I will try and have a 2 pieces of chicken and see how I get on!!
Welcome to WW. I hope you have a good week!
Hey gals yeah I know I should eat but CD has made me scared of putting on weight!! EEkkkkk I will try and have a 2 pieces of chicken and see how I get on!!
now you see this is what makes me sceptical of food replacement diets - eating is a natural thing and not something you should be scared of doing! you should still be able to enjoy food - look at Gordon Ramsay.. look at the food he eats and he's still in great shape.. its all about portion control! :p
Well Ive just had some minestone soup and 2 slices of bread which equals to 6 points so Ive had 16 points today, will try and have more 2mrw and see how I get on. I think its also the flu that is putting me off food too!
Your so right black widow as long as I portion control, Ill be fine. Going to have a nice cup of tea with skimmed milk wahhhoooo!!!


is Special :P
Hey Honey, Glad you are well! I am starting Dietchef when i get back from America but i am panicing now cos i tried on my new hi vis trousers and they dont fit :( You know how it is to order uniform. It goes through hundreds of men before it comes back with your name on it and THE SIZE!! oh god. Need to lose like 2 sizes before January when the new standard requiring us to wear full orange comes in.

So proud of you :)

Taz x
Taz ur so sweet hun (hugs)!!! I know exactly what you mean when it comes to uniform, I felt awful when I couldnt order from the normal list of clothes and had to be referred to the special sizes department to get measured up...I could have died hun. We're allowed to wear shorts in the summer as long as we carry somekind of jumpsuit thingy and I hope to god if its a hot summer next year that I can wear shorts.
Whats dietchef hun?


is Special :P
Dietchef is basically food that you get delivered. Its so easy for me. When i have come in from a shift i can grab one or if i forget to cook something to take into work i can just take a pack and cook it there.
I am slightly lucky in the uniform department. I go and sneakily use my resources and ask one of the women to measure me up and order them on the sly so they dont come back to my own depot :)

Taz x
Wow I just looked at the website. Low GI is a great way to lose weight, its cheaper than CD and LD plus you can eat a healthy variety of food. My friend was talking about food being delivered but thought it would be an arm and a leg. It looks like the way forward hun. You will still lose a stone a month on it too. My boyfriends at Asda as we speak buying me a GI book LOL. I will never drink diet coke again as it used to effect my breathing and no more no sugar squashes either, I will stick to water and have the occasional fruit juice maybe. I know the headaches I was getting was due to no caffine or sugar. When are you off to America, Im off to LA mid Jan, thankfully ppl with be in cardies and jackets hehe. Hope to lose 2 stone by then x
Ooohh lovely bet you cant wait to get there!!
We can defo exchange ideas lol. Marks and spencer do count on us chicken noodle salad and it states its low in GI, I think alot of salads they do say that on them. Also I love sushi too which would be good too. Im going to try and incoporate a low GI with WW so will let you know what I come up with xx
Hehehehe!!! If you dont you shouldnt worry, we're all human. The 2 biggest factors for a weight gain are holidays and xmas. But although america has lots of tempting food they also have a huge variety of healthy tasty food and the chef/cooks are always willing to change a few things if you wish. So you should be fine...and if you bump into Denzel, tell him Im still waiting for his phone call LOL xx
Manjits WW Diary. Day 2 x

Ok so today I feel slighty better. Ive planned my meal till lunch as its diwali and I may go to the temple tonight.
This is what I have planned for today:

Breakfast: Oats so simple porridge and skimmed milk with honey 2.5

Mid morning snack: Red apple 0.5

Lunch: Chicken breast with green salad 5

Mid afternoon snack 0.5


Eeeekkk thats not enough!! I just managed to have 16 yday, so will try and have a small potato with the chicken xx
Ok so I couldnt stomach porridge so had 1 weetabix in skimmed milk and no sugar with a cup of tea! I checked the scales today to see if Ive put weight on after CD and Im exactly the same. Phhhewwww I dont mind if I put on a lb or 2 cause I know my body will be adjusting. But Im going to stick to 18 points for 3 days to get myself back out of ketosis slowly and then Ill go back to the 31 points slowly!!
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Good luck and well done hun,your doing very well after i done cd i was lucky i didnt put any weight on,i love doing ww now as you can have wat you like which is a good thing!
Thanks Gem. So glad Im not the only one that finds CD a short term solution. I HAD to come back to WW and learn to eat in moderation and learn that I have to make a lifestyle change. I also missed my social life so much Gem, it was driving me insane!!!! It goes to show that if you come of CD doesnt mean your guna go crazy and start bingeing! Im going to try stay away from fizzy drinks,, squashes, white refined bread and pasta and chocies. It plays with my sugar levels and makes me crave them more. Im guna stick to my yummy red apples, water and brown bread and pasta! xxx

OOhh and I did 1600 steps in 20mins on the wii fit yday eventhough I was feeling little weak!! Guna try do 5000 trhough the day!

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