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  1. HazeyBlue

    HazeyBlue Flab 2 Fab

    Hi Folks

    As you might of guessed by the title, my name is Marie and I have started this new WOE this week. Im not new to Minimins, Ive been around for 5 years or so, but I am new to this area of the board. I have tried every diet under the sun, and I mean every diet. I have lost big chunks of weight on most of the plans I have tried, but I have never managed to keep it off, putting it all back on and more. Now I find myself sitting here at over 18 stone.

    Its mostly holidays or weekends away that trip me up. I allow myself a few days off but can never get back to it. But here I am again, always willing to try something new, always searching for that Nirvana of weight loss. I might just of found it this time :)

    So, I have just had my second UD, I'll just start posting food from today, I wont bother posting what I have eaten all this week.

    Day 4 UD:
    1 Banana 105 cals
    Small bunch of grapes 64 cals
    Nature valley Granola Bar 191 cals

    Chilli wrap from the works café with a large salad (No idea how much this will be but allowing 600 cals, there was no cheese on it or anything)

    Tesco healthy living chicken Tikka 435 cals
    Salad about 50 cals I would say
    Warburtons Sandwich Thin 102 cals
    Total so far 1547 cals
    Its only early yet and I have plenty of calories to spare, so I might have a snack later

    What I like about this WOE is being able to go into the canteen at work on an UD and look at whats on offer, knowing that I can have anything I want (well, within reason, I will be giving the chips and the pies a wide berth most of the time).

    On my first DD on Monday I tried saving all my calories till the evening, but that was quite challenging. Yesterday, I spread them across a bit more and it was so much easier. I had a banana in the morning, a nature valley bar at lunch time, and some soup and a warburtons thin in the evening. The whole day came in at 497 calories.

    Saturday mornings will be my weigh day, and my DDs will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday leaving my weekend free, pretty much like most folks do.

    I'll be having a look around everybody elses daries, so I'll pop in and say hello.

    Tata for now.
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  3. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    Hi Marie,
    Welcome to juddd. You'll love it.
  4. HazeyBlue

    HazeyBlue Flab 2 Fab

    Thank you, its been pretty plain sailing so far. I never thought I could enjoy one of the really good chilli beef wraps from the work canteen :)
  5. nikki299

    nikki299 Well-Known Member

    Hi Marie, I am planning to start this woe in a few weeks when I finish a vlcd, so looking forward to seeing how you get on. I will have around 3-4 stone still to lose when my vlcd packs run out in 3 weeks so thinking of giving this a shot to shift it.

    Good luck with your first week. xxx
  6. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Well-Known Member

    Hi Marie and welcome to JUDDDD. It's a really great plan and I will come back to it again later this year to lose the remainder of my weight and hopefully maintain if I'm ever in the right mind to.
    A lot of people who have never heard of JUDDDD often don't believe you can lose weight on such a plan (I was one of those people before I actually tried it myself) with x amount of cals on up days, but I know it is possible because I personally lost almost 2 stone when I was doing this plan. I did not cut out any types of foods at all - no food was off limits for me to be able to lose on the diet, I eat whatever I wanted including chocolate, bread and the odd take away. Of course it's totally up to the individual what they choose to eat on their UD/DD's, some might choose to follow the plan cutting out foods but I didn't do that. I think it was a case of 'everything in moderation'. For me what I hated most about other plans was the restriction (especially VLCD's - you cannot even have fruit!), it made me feel very deprived because so many foods were out of the question... but I didn't have any of that with this plan.

    I love JUDDDD, it has been the best diet I have ever done in my 12-14 years of (on off) dieting.
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  7. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    What a lovely and informative post Luv2BSlim
  8. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    Good luck with DD today.
  9. HazeyBlue

    HazeyBlue Flab 2 Fab

    Hey ladies (we'll Im presuming you are all ladies lol) thanks for the warm welcome.

    It remains to be seen how I get on with this, only time will tell, and its weigh in tomorrow so we will see how I have got on in the first 5 days. Im not looking to lose this massively quickly, as long as its somewhere around the 1lb or above mark every week I would be happy with that. What I wouldn't like is if its just 0.25 or 0.5 a week, that would be just too slow. I couldn't stand to wait 4 - 8 years to lose the weight. :flamingmad:

    I have done VLCD before, I hated it. I stuck to it for 8 weeks, lost nearly 3 stone, as well as my marbles and most of my hair. It was awful and I very much doubt I would ever go there again. I think that is where I have had problems in the past, wanting to lose weight faster, always looking for the 3lb a week every week diet, and it just doesn't happen, not if I want to keep it off while still enjoying nice food and not having to resort to a slice of ham and half a lettuce for lunch.

    Anyway, Im waffling lol

    Today was my 3rd DD, so far I have had 1 banana at about 10am (getting in a good 16 hour fast there), a nature valley bar, and will be having soup and a half a pitta later. Bit concerned about the nature valley bar whether it is a bit too sugary and processed for a DD day but they are convenient for work.

    So, does anybody have any plans for the weekend? I bet most folks are weighing in tomorrow?

  10. HazeyBlue

    HazeyBlue Flab 2 Fab

    Well that's reassuring, that I don't have to give anything up, thank you. I have done low carb plans lots of times, and funnily enough it really suits my body as I have a starch intolerance so I don't like wheat, rice or potatoes. Well, that's a total lie, I personally love them but my tummy doesn't lol. I enjoy the plans at first, but I get so bored in the end and end up going out and binging on garlic bread and potatoes.

    mmm garlic bread, think I might have to have some of the reduced fat one tomorrow :)
  11. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    Ye the nature valley bar may not be the best choice, could leave u wanting bout melba toasts with laughing cow?
  12. HazeyBlue

    HazeyBlue Flab 2 Fab

    ooh yeah, I would prefer that actually. hhmmm, aren't LC light about 25 cals if I remember from my SW days A couple of them and 150 cals of melba toast would do just fine. I have never tried melba toast what are they like?

    I have just had my butternut soup, with my half a pitta, really nice. Its not that hard these DDs are they? I have been pleasantly surprised.
  13. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    ye 25kcals for light but one would do al 6melba toasts that come in litle pack.
    hmmm what do they taste like, kinda like a thin toastd cracker. i realy like them with phily, too dry on their own.
    u can also get extra light.
  14. KittyBling

    KittyBling Well-Known Member

    Here to subscribe :) Mmmmm melba toast, must get some of that... LC with blue cheese are yummy.

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  15. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    never had that combo, must look out for it.
  16. HazeyBlue

    HazeyBlue Flab 2 Fab

    I've put the Melba toast on my shopping list. I have tried the blue cheese ones, ok but I prefer the normal ones I think.

    Anyway, first week weigh in and I've lost 5lb. Delighted, is an understatement :)
  17. KittyBling

    KittyBling Well-Known Member

    Brilliant news, well done!

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  18. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    Woohoo, well done. Well that's reassurance for you anyhow. Who needs vlcd when you have Judd, delighted for you. Hope your having yummy treats today so.
  19. nikki299

    nikki299 Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's an excellent loss!!! Well done. xxx I can't wait to start this woe now, getting soooooo fed up of vlcd packs :(
  20. HazeyBlue

    HazeyBlue Flab 2 Fab

    Thank you all :bliss:

    As you can see I am quite excited!

    Having a good day today. For breakfast I had my granola with skimmed milk. For lunch I had a southern fried chicken wrap with salad, without a bucket of mayo, and some strawberries.
    For tea tonight we are having home made burger buns with sweet potato and butternut squash wedges. I have also had a packet of sunbites. All this only comes in at under 1500 odd calories according to my ap, so I think I can have myself some cheese on my burger and a muller rice for dessert.

    Been and done my shopping this morning, I got some more laughing cow light as I discovered that the ones that I have in my fridge are 3 months out of date so just shows you I havnt touched them for ages. I also got some Melba toasts, so yeah, thanks for that Karma.

    I tell you what really P's me off is the fact that you cant get none low fat cottage cheese anymore. The low fat type is just so bitter and watery its awful. They used to sell some Longley farm cottage cheese which was non low fat in Tesco but they don't do it any more. The only place I can get that from is Spar, so looks like a trip there is in order.

    So a good day so far, and another nice one food wise planned for tomorrow. I'll go and have a look at everybody elses diaries see what you are up to :)
  21. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    Food sounds lush.

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