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Marking your weightloss?


Enjoying life!
Do you do anything to mark your weight loss?

When I started LL there was one lady (she had started 2 weeks previously) and I noticed she had colourful ribbons tied to the handle of her LL bag when I asked why she said they marked each pound she had lost. I thought that was a fab idea but I wanted to do something different.

Yesterday I was in The Works and noticed they had a stand of bits n pieces for card making and spotted packs of colourful buttons in different shapes e.g apples, stars, hearts, hands, flowers etc... They had a variety of other things that would do the same - all for £1 a pack! Bargin!

So, my LL bag has colourful buttons all sewn around the handles - it is a nice reminder of how well I am doing! :D

What do you do?

Kat xx
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Enjoying life!
BL I love you new pic on the bottom of your profile! You are such a beautiful lady and have done so well! Such an inspiration!

Kat xx
i took all my beads off my pandora bracelet when i started and put them on each time i lost 4lb
had to buy quite a few more needless to say, which is great!
daisy x
yes my friend has treated herself with a new pandora bead each 3lb, she said its getting very expensive lol! I hadnt thought bout doing anything like that, but lovely idea. Buttins are one of my fav things in the world - Id mug you for your bag Kat xxx


Enjoying life!
Fab DD!

Vix go into The Works - they have alsorts - I think I got approx 40 in a box of 5 different colours for £1. I got stars and hands!

I want to get something slightly different to mark each stone :)

Kat xx


Silver Member
I promised myself major treats for each stone lost:

1st stone: Health club membership
2nd stone: Mulberry handbag (it was a lifelong ambition to own one :))
3rd stone: Spa day with my best friend
4th stone: Pair of Diesel jeans (my 2nd lifelong ambition :))

Nearly at 5 stone now - and nothing lined up - which is just as well to be honest - I'll be bankrupt if I don't stop spending! :eek: :D


Enjoying life!
Fab Lucy!

I have been buying some nice bits too! A nice leather handbag I wanted, some birkenstock flip flops and some music CDs, DVDs and games for xbox 360 oh and I bought a Wii and Wii fit and some games for that too! lol

Oh and lots of new make up items!

Kat xx
will have a look in there thanks x

LL Gal

Beautiful day
I bought some new overpriced eye-shadow and lip gloss today, and I LOVE IT! Definitely my reward for the weight I've lost so far, as I usually save my make-up treats for b'day/xmas. I'm flexible about when to reward myself for my loss, today felt like the right time.


Playing the Angel
Woohoo, great idea Kat, and wow, have you ladies been spending, I better start flexing the credit cards!!! Just trying to be good currently, but ooh boy I should obviously go out and spend a bit!!

Yer get out there Jez xxxx

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
treat myself to special things , just bought some lovely killah jeans and carvella cowboy boots :D:D:Dfor hitting 10 stone 11.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
lol i was so exited but need to send the jeans back and get a smaller pair ;) hehehehe !!!!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
oh god its a curse !!!! i told myself that the size 24 was a 'small fitting 'when i had to get a 26 ,4 years ago .so now im a demon in top shop !!!!!hehehehe


Playing the Angel
Have any of you guys been down here and seen Westfield, it really is amazing, pure shopping heaven, even better if you do the valet parking and then you don't even have to carry your own bags, they just get delivered to your car!!! If not I suggest a goal related shopping trip for us all <EFG>


sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
omg !!! would love it !!! can shop for england !!!!
wheres westfield ????


is Magdalicious
Well i have promised myself to treat myself with a Michael Kors watch when i reach my goal weight. I better start saving now as i am def getting it!!! ;)

On that note treats wise...
To all of you ladies who will hit your next goal, i invite everyone of you who can come down to Oxford Street for a free make-up lesson and a makeover on my counter!!!
One at a time or we can arrange a group session!
My treat to all of you! :D
How does that sound?? ;)

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