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Marks and Sparks....

I'm pretty sure I read on here that Marks and Sparks had 25% off on Bras and also DD+ sizes are now marked at the same price as AA's......Finally! I did however go mad and cought myself 6 new bras, which was apparently needed as I have lost 4 bra sizes!!!! 4!!!! No longer a FF/G but now a DD. I cant believe it, I havent been a DD since I was about 14. I feel a little manly but I got on the tread mill, withmy new bra, and didnt end up with 2 black eyes at the end of it. RESULT!!!! x
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Slimming down the aisle
Manly with DD?! In that case I'm most DEFINITELY a man!!! LOL


Slimming down the aisle
I don't want to go down a cup size!! I'm only a B cup now, the hope is that my back will shrink more than my boobs therefore creating a bigger distance between the two measurements and so having bigger boobs! I might be walking around with my head in the clouds there, but I'm sticking to my theory!


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Caroline.
i think if you are bigger to start of with meaning in the bust that you are probably likely to lose more from that area.. So hopefully you will be ok and just lose it round the back.. I could do with losing some to be honest!!! x


Slimming down the aisle
Yup that's my thinking too! Can't lose what I don't have, and hopefully I won't lose the little I do!! Otherwise it's boob job time!!!
Ha ha I think theres where most of my weight was....tis good though, people talk to my face rather than my chest, but it is very very odd! Typical though how they reduce the cost for bigger bra sizes......



Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I went down from a 38F to a 36F quite quickly, but then I went down to a 36E - eek! (I don't want to go down! :cry:) Hope they don't go any smaller......:(

I bought a few bras from M&S Outlet and Asda to tide me over, and I must say they are all really nice and fit well. Never thought I'd have to buy a bra to push me up though...:eek:


Still a 36F here (apparently acc to Marks I'm a 40DD?!)

Hanging in there (no pun intended) for a fortnight and then its off to Bravissimo for me. :D

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