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May I join you?

Hello all :D.

I've had a wee read of the stickies over the last couple of days and have general info at home too. I've been doing this diet for 5 days (3 day attack) and feeling OK (and haven't cheated), so feel ready to join in if you'll have me?

I'm Laura and want to have a healthy BMI by the end of next month (when I'll be 40). Apparently I'll reach goal at the end of September but I usually lose weight very slowly, so not counting on it too much (although would be great).

I'm doing this for health reasons, but easier clothes shopping would be nice too.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!
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Hey Robinhood and welcome :D have you lost 3lbs already? if so well done xx
post your menus on daily menu and if you have any questions dont forget to ask :D


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Welcome Robinhood!


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woop do you have a band of merry men?


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Hi Laura, Cathy here :D, I am on day 2, I was only given a 2 day attack, so its day 2 for me. I've had trouble sourcing the bran but somebody on here reminded me its on ebay so have ordered it from there. Looking forward to Friday and my first weigh in.
Good luck Laura x
woop do you have a band of merry men?
Absolutely, 3 kids and a husband :D. Though not so much merry just now, more a band of arguing men (kids). the joys of school holidays.

Thank you for the welcome, everyone.:D
Ooh, I notice you live in France! Me too! Where exactly are you? I'm in the SE (Drôme).

Any feedback on the best 0% stuff - as it's a new thing for me - would be very welcome (if you don't mind, of course).


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Hi again Laura... How long have you been there? I can't say that I know that area at all... I'm in Paris.

If you can get to an Auchan, I know its products best. For 0% yoghurts, he recommends the Sveltesse Ferme & Fondant 0% (to be eaten freely, provided you don't go over the dairy allowance). Otherwise, if you prefer pieces of fruit in your yogs, try perhaps the packs of 12 or 16 Taillefine 0% (restricted to two a day and NOT allowed on attack phase).

Otherwise, I buy fromage blanc 0% to help with muffins or galette, but I also eat it instead of yoghurt at times - helps with sweet tooth cos it isn't very!!

Ham has to be "dégraissé et découenné". (Fat free)

Ssssh don't tell the others, but
we have a 0% cheese called "Carré frais" which is also free to eat. Auchan even has a "garlic and chives" version if you're lucky...
we also have fat free stock cubes - buy yourself some "dégraissé" ones (different flavours)

I'll let you know if I think of anything else!
Thanks for that, Joanne.

I've been here 13 years now. Not been to Paris for years (15 I think, before we came here anyway) but will go back soon (supposed to be during these hols but some child-free time has come up, so we're only going locally with my husband 'just in case').

Auchan is a bit far which is a shame, I go to Leclerc (got the brans there no probs). I got their own brand 0% flavoured yogurts because I noticed they had extra Vitamin D (to fix the calcium) and they are OK but will try the Sveltesse ones next time. My Mum has osteoporosis so I tend to have 4 x dairy per day (except it used to be mainly cheese:eek:) to try and protect my bones. Hope that isn't too much?

I already have the fromage blanc (used to buying 20% but I'll get used to it) and always buy DD ham because my eldest eats the fat/rind and leaves the ham if not!

Didn't know about the carré frais (is it like a 0% kiri?) so that's great, thank you and it may well save my sanity when I'm having a lack- of-cheese wobble.


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I'm sure Leclerc sell them too... and maybe they have others besides.

In attack, there is no restriction on dairy. In Cruise phase, four is fine of the Sveltesse but NOT the fruit ones. (Does 0% milk and dairy have the same calcium as the full fat? I think I read somewhere that yes they did but not 100%...)

oh and ensure your steaks hachés are 5% MG...

I hate DD ham with a vengeance so am a little miffed that he's allowing "other" ham in England!! (But you're in France so you can do without too!!).

The carré frais ail et fines herbes is a bit like Boursin (YUM!). The plain variety, to be honest, I've never tried but the other half used to spread it onto dd ham and roll it up!


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"Ssssh don't tell the others, but
we have a 0% cheese called "Carré frais" which is also free to eat. Auchan even has a "garlic and chives" version if you're lucky..."

Humph! so we have other ham, but you have free cheese = so unfair lol


Loves this site!
Welcome. Now Joanne has someone reading from the french book like she has been and comparing! Hope your journey is a great one. And for the record..............I want that cheese!


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Let's call it "cheese" cos for those of you with taste, I doubt it'd pass muster... it's a 0% synthetic "product" let's say!

Whereas he's allowing you REAL ham! Big difference!!


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Chez - did you look for it over here?


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Hi Laura,

welcome, you've landed with a friendly bunch here.

I survived the 40 this spring but was not ready for a diet till June when there was a lot of press coverage about Dukan as the English book was coming out.

I seem to have lost 6kg in a month so I'm quite pleased. Went clothes shopping in the last of the sales today and had to get a size 14?!?! skirt (now I know East sizing is on the big size but it's not happened to me before!) and I now fit comfortably into my 'old old' size 16 shorts.

Boo hoo I'm jealous, another one in France... I just got my mum to import me some Sveltesse yoghurt, *hoverver* she only managed to find the vanilla one in Brussels - I really fancy a lemon one now. Mmmhhh must start experimenting with flavouring yoghurt I think.

(sorry I'm rambling, need to get some sleep!)
Thanks, everyone!:)

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