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May try a red day, couple of questions!

Hi hun,

The chicken would be free - but you have to remove any skin - boo!! I seem to lose more weight on red days - don't do so well with Carbs if im honest. Give it a go and see how it works for you thats the best thing.

K xx


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I want to but I'm so used to green that I'm scared of trying red and it slowing or stopping my weight loss.
I know what you mean - when you are on a roll losing you don't want anything to stop that. Thing is the plans work differently for different people - why don't you try if you want to and see what happens - if the weight lost has slowed then switch back to green. Sometimes changing gives people a boost - but i know its personal.. Have a little think and see what other people say to hun.

K xx


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But what if your body likes red days and sheds even more weight?! I think the key to go weight loss is to mix it up a little, that way your body doesn't get used to the same foods day in day out.

I mix my weeks up... some days will be green, some red and others original. I've tried Mix to Max but I confuse myself with that one!
If green is your comfort zone, try adding just one red day this week and two the next and so on and see how it affects your weightloss.

I do Mix2Max most of the time but tried 2 EE days and will see how it goes slowly rather than have a complete change.


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I've done weeks of all green, but couldn't do a week of all red days. I usually have 2 red or extra easy days a week, and the rest green as I find green days much more filling and versatile. A few red days shouldn't hurt your weight losses, and its good to keep variety in your diet. If buying ready cooked chicken, look for the low fat stuff (less than 3% fat per 100g).


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Well,I was thinking I could do one today but then I remembered I am going to cook SW chips, fried eggs, beans & Linda MCartney Sausages tonight, lol, oh how I love that meal, so does hubby!
Would the chicken you buy freshly cooked from Tesco be free? Also has anyone gone from all green to throwing some red ones in or a full red week and how have your weight losses been?

Cheers :D
Yes, I couldn't lose a thing on green, but since switching to mainly red days, the lbs are coming off nicely! Give it a go!

Sorry to hijack the thread, but would the boneless and skinless chicken you can get from asda be free on red days to as im about to go do some shopping for my red days and was just wondering?

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