Me? Run???


Carpe diem
For those who don't check the wemitt threads, just thought I'd let you know that I did the Junior Great South Run with my daughter and niece today. I know it was only 2.5k but it was a major achievment for me as I have been physically able to run for over 20 years and at my heaviest, I could only walk a few yards before I experienced pain.

I have to say I hated almost every moment but the feeling of pride when my niece and I ran across the finish line to rapturous applause was second to none! (My daughter being a racing snake streaked ahead). I strutted around in my running gear complete with yellow 'bib' for ages afterwards - wearing it like some sort of 'badge of honour'

Anyway, if you click on my photobox link below, I've added a few pics of the day so you can see what six months on CD has meant to me.
sooooooo proud of you yo0u look like a pro!!!! runner that is !!xxxx susan
How fantastic are you - you should be so proud of yourself and you look great in your running gear.....well done!!:D :D

Crikey! Well done you! It does us good to get out of the comfort zone and do something that we wouldn't have done prediet.

Hope your dead proud of yourself
I can't believe the changes in you even in just a few short months since I saw you. I am so chuffed for you Debbie. Each time you do something landmark like this you are building a firm foundation to take you to new hights in terms of challenges so the sky's the limit ;)

Well done :D
Well done Debbie, could not be more proud of you or more happy for you. Do you know what struck me most about your pics? How normal you look! You fit into the crowd, you look like one of the runners, you are one of the runners and no one is turning a hair. Now that is an achievement, think of the old Debbie and how she would have fitted into those pictures, she just wouldn't. You are an inspiration Debbie, I've said it before and I say it a again, you are just an INSPIRATION. Lots of love

That is a fantastic achievement, well done you - you have every right in the world to be proud.
Hi Debbie,
First of all, well done - what a fantastic achievement!
Secondly - I didn't recognise you - honestly, I was sitting here wondering why you'd posted photos of someone else - and yes I know I can be dense but I really didn't recognise you at all!
Hope I recognise you in Birmingham.
Debbie you look utterly amazing .. and so much slimmer than when I saw you in Birmingham too!! I completely agree with what Barb said about just blending in with the crowd and looking as if you've been running all your life :)

Well done, honey - you rock girlfriend!!! :D