Measurements to size


Personally not sure on how correct these are

Size 22/24 - 42 to 44 inch waist, 46 inch bust and 54 to 56 inch hips.
Size 18/20 - 38 to 40 inch waist, 43 inch bust and 46 to 52 inch hips.
Size 14/16 - 34 to 36 inch waist, 40 inch bust and 42 to 44 inch hips.
Size 10/12 - 31 to 33 inch waist, 37 inch bust and 41 inch hips.
Size 6/8 - 29 to 30 inch waist, 35 inch bust and 39 to 40 inch hips.

Now my waist is 43 inches, but I drown in clothes over a size 18 :S
Anyone else find this? X
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Yep! Unfortunately our body shapes are all different, and our proportions very rarely match up to what the clothing designers would like them to be.

I have sewn dresses for myself in the past and it is near impossible for me to choose which size to make. You look at the measurements on the back of the pattern envelope and at one time I was an 8 for bust, 10 for hips and 16!!!! for waist.

Even before I had my babies and I was a size 6-8 I was a 6 on top, 8 on the waist and 6 on the hips and that's when there wasn't an ounce of fat on me!