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Does anyone measure themselves?

I tried on my 2nd week and wrote them all down, I did again last night and it seems that even tho I have lost 22lbs and dropped a dress size I've only lost a total of 1inch of my bust, hips, wasist and legs so I'm giving up on that one then lol xxxx
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I keep meaning to measure myself, in cms though, previous experience proves I'm more motivated in metric, the losses are 2.5 times better. Try it!


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Im using my work belt as a measure. I dont have holes in my belt its one of those ones wher eu slide a bar across. So Ill be usnig that to judge. Fingers widths on the belt. At the moment I have started with 3 finger widths.


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Well done on the 22lb loss.

I was feeling down because I haven't lost anything since Monday according to my wii fit scales, but I measured myself and I have lost over an inch off my waist. It seems it's either one thing or the other. Last week I lost weight but no inches!

I have gone down over a dress size, so I ordered a couple of things online, but the package never arrived. Royal Mail are trying to find it. Maybe by the time it turns up I will have gone down another dress size and have to return it! :D


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I havent lost weight in 2 weeks, but have lost an inch on the chest and 3 on my waist now thus motivation to stay on the diet. My tummy is still really big so losing from it will help get into a few size 16s :bliss:.


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I do the measuring thing every few weeks and have found it really helpful. At the beginning I didn't seem to lose much, but I'm glad I have those measurements as at my most recent measurements I've now lost 7" from my hips, 7 from my waist, 5 from my hips and 4 from the top of my leg. In the last month I've not lost so much weight, but my shape has changed quite a lot, and the measurements have been really encouraging. I would say definitely keep your early measurements and come back to it in a month or two, and you'll be amazed!