Meeting my new Cdc tomorrow


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Listened to all your advice last week and Ive .......

Decided to get a new one, with all the probs Ive had with my current one I wasnt happy with the way she did things, so Ive voted with my feet and wont be seeing her again,
Im meeting my new CDC tomorrow for a bit of a chat and to give her the background, then going to see her again on Friday to be weighed and collect my weeks packs
Fingers crossed its second time lucky:)
Ive also sent a letter of complaint to CD HQ
Hi Lisa

I think you have done the right thing. I hope that you have some response from HQ as she sounded like a nightmare. Certainly not a good representative of the company.

Did you have a chat with your new CDC already to ask about what services she offers?

Hope it all goes well.

Your weightlosses are fabulous. Bet she wasn't even looking properly on the third week weigh in. Good for you that you weren't demotivated by that.

Dizzy x
Well done for changing CDC. I was speaking to my CDC today about yours and she said that some CDC's only do it for the money and not because they actually want to help people lose weight and keep it off. My CDC is really nice and I wish you all the luck in the world with your new one. This journey is hard enough and not having support from the person supplying your diet makes it nearly impossible. Good Luck x