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Meeting v's doing it at home


Woman on a mission!
advice needed please!

I was a member of a group until nov last year when my C changed, and then I moved house.
The last two - three weeks I have been doing this 'at home' and have lost 4, but not really sticking 100%.

Im not sure whether I should bite the bullet and join a new group near to my new house as this might help me to focus and really give it the full go that I need.

What do you think - all comments / thoughts appreciated x
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Well I'm a firm believer in classes. I couldn't have lost weight without a group and I couldn't maintain my target weight without going to a group.
There's no way I could do without the support and friendship of the ladies at my class. It's helped me enormously.


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I am a class goer too, there is no way I would have done it on my own at home, if I cheated then there would only be me to know, I still go even though I am now at target because I know if I didn't I would start slipping back into my old habits.
me is the same... Class is best as if u have a bad time there are people to suport you .. and people to answer questions :)
Bite the bullett.. whats the worst that can happen? u will make new friends thats what :)
i'm a class girl to i can't do it without class. but there is many woman that can.
my only fear about not going to class is that i have no one to answer to. so no one will know if i've gained so i wouldn't put in as much effect or maybe have that t/a cause no one will know if i've gain and i will pull it back next week. but next week comes along and so does a meal out and i have something high syned cause if i gain no one will know and before i know it i've gained quite abit and think whats the point this isn't working and give up.
where now i think about it cause someone tells me i've gained and i want them shiny stickers lol
Hi Nattymo - I went to classes a couple of years ago, and my consultant and class were both so lovely, but I didn't stick to it. I started doing SW on my own a few weeks ago and thanks to this site and all the recipes, support, ideas, info, I feel like I'm sticking to it really well and have lost 11.5lbs already which I'm really really happy with :)

What has really helped me is writing a food diary, having the books to hand, and this site. I do think it can be done on your own, for me personally it's better (although hard to explain why...?!).

Good luck whatever you choose x


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i couldn't do it without my class either, but so far you're doing it from home and doing well! well done! it's totally up to you, but im Team Group!
I'm a bit of both!
I am an on-line SW member, so weigh in alone at home and have no personal contact with anyone, but have all the official support of being a SW member from the website (including the added incentive that paying for membership means you are commited).

I really think this is a very personal choice. You have to weigh up the option that will make YOU more likely to stick to this. If you even slightly think that you couldn't do it alone, go to class. I know many people manage it alone, but more don't than do.

Good luck with what you decide


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i think if i didn't go to group i'd be cheating ALL the time, eventually i wouldn't be doing it at all, i'd eat and eat and eat and be back to where i started - going to group keeps me focused - and weeks where i know i've not been 100% going to group really motivates me to get back on track x


is on the road to Slimdon
It is down to personal preference at the end of the day.

I used to do it at home. Lost 1 1/2 stones at the beginning of 2009 but as others have said, I found it far too easy to cheat. My mentality was that it didn't really matter if I went off plan one week as I would pull it back the following week (but rarely did). Eventually I stopped following the plan altogether.

Since October I've been going to classes and lost 2 stone. It definately gives you the motivation and the incentive not to cheat as you will have to stand on the scales at the end of the week!

If you have the will power or don't want to spend the money, you can definitely succeed from home as many others do. However if you are easily persuaded to "cheat" then bite the bullet and get back to class!

Whatever you choose - good luck with you SW journey.

Amy x


Woman on a mission!
thank you all for your thoughs. Most helpful.
I think I am going to set myself a deadline of the End of April, so 6 weeks from now.
If I find im struggling alone then I will join a group and do a 12 week countdown, which brings me nicely up to the summer!
Best of luck how ever you go about it. Personally I like doing it at home. I feel a lot of pressure with meeting targets otherwise, then again I am quite hard on myself and ensure I stay 100%.
I don't go to class, never have, I pay for the online service instead. I've lost 7.5lbs in 3 weeks and I've not cheated once in that time. So I think it's just down to the individual. :) Good luck in deciding.
I currently go to class but really am thinking about just doing it at home...my weight has been a bit up and down the last few months so i feel like im wasting my money....but my worry is i dont know whether i would be more inclined to cheat if i didnt have to answer to anyone...decisions decisions!! :(
I definitely couldnt do it without classes, I think I need the pressure of being weighed infront of someone! I feel like going to group gives me lots of motivation and then by WI i need another top up of motivation! x


From Fat to Fab!
I think as said before it depends on the person,Ive tried dieting before but without the weekly weigh in It just didnt work for me, I would slip off really easily. If I know I have to weigh in every week it makesme stick to the plan more and feel responsible for what I do.
I'm a bit like Cocktail Waitress. I joined on-line back in 06 & because it was something that I really wanted, I found I had no problem sticking to it .... I'd only be cheating myself otherwise. I lost nearly 2st but 'slipped' & recently found that I'd put around 10lb back on. I decided to try a group to see if I can get past the 'hump' I reached last time. I'm enjoying the camaradarie & tips but may have been tempted to try it 'alone' with the help of this site (only found after I joined). My philosophy is 'Whatever Works for You'. :flirt2:
hi i had been doing it at classes but did not really enjoy going to them so i have been doing it at home and have lost it quicker and easier.

everyone is different - i just use here alot for help

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