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Mel D's gonna finish it this time


Determind dieter :D
This forum is FANTASTIC honey :) ...everyone's so helpful and knows what your going through as they are doing the same diet which is a HUGE help!

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Day 1

This forum is great Trueleame, I'm just not used to using it so am struggling a bit. I used to use a forum on CWP and this is quite different so I'm just trying to get to grips with it all. I wrote long post the first time and it got lost :( that was why my first entry was a one liner!!!

Dee hiya. I've never done Lipotrim before. In fact I had never heard of it until I was browsing through this forum!!!. I've had good success on CWP but found the interaction with counsellors trying. After 2 different ones I gave in. Also they do not like you to exercise whilst on the diet and I really missed the gym and working out with my partner.

Anyway needless to say I went back to all my old habits and put the weight back on. I will never knock the diet like many others I know have. It is really great for quick and easy weight loss but you can't go back to how you used to eat before the diet . The refeeding elemant of Lipotrim really appealed to me. Along with the flexibility of a pharmacy that was open from 9-6.30 and I could visit at my convenience :D.

I was supposed to start yesterday but my niece had an award ceremony at school and wanted to go out for dinner, so I treated her and my sister to an Indian meal. It was dellish and I ate like a P.I.G :eek:. I took the leftovers home to my OH and then we shared a bottle of chardonnay. I know I was over indulgent but that is it for me for the next 12 weeks. It's my birthday on 2nd Feb and I promised myself to stick to this 100% until then with maybe the day off for Christmas.

So, day 1 today. I had strawberry for brekkie and vanilla for lunch. Nothing exciting just fuel for my body (that's how I have to look at it, otherwise I won't be able to stick with it). I'm hoping the parmacy with have other flavours by this evening as Strawberry and vanilla was all they had when I was there on wednesday. I was starving before lunch so I went for a walk and by the time I got back I ate then felt OK. I should have dinner around 6ish.

My honey was not keen on me going on this diet as he said I should just eat healthy and exercise. But I need this drastic approach as food seems to be ruling my life at the moment. I had to convince him that it was safe and that the pahrmacy will be monitoring me. This seemed to relieve some of he's anxiety and he promised to support me. He even said he won't eat in front of me anymore but I told him not to be silly as I could cope :)


On a mission!
Best of luck with it Lose2Win! Just keep thinking of losing the weight as a "must" not a "should"! We're all behind you. We only get ONE chance at this life so let's make every second count!!

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Day 2

Start of day 2.

Got up late today as went to bed in the early hours of the morning. I've not long had my choc shake cold and it's not the best!! I had it hot last night and it was a bit more comforting. My honey had pizza. He rang me from outside to double check if I wanted anything. He said "I know you don't want anything but I'm just checking". I think he was not sure if I was determined to stick with this and giving me a way out. Anyway, he came back with a pizza and ate it in the kitchen.

I'm out at a show tonight so I'm facing my first challenge early. I think my mate wanted to have dinner but I put her off saying that I will be out for a big lunch earlier in the day. So it's water all night which is no biggie for me as I often cut out alcohol, especially if I feel I've been too over indulgent.
End of day 2 and thank goodness I made it.

This evening I had the peanut flapjack and it was disgusting. Never in all my days have I tasted something so vile :-( I'm absolutely starving now as I could only manage to eat half. I've drunk enough water to sink a small ship but it's not helping. I'm not even tired so I can't go to sleep.

My night out was fun. Sparkling water all night. My mate said I was a cheap date lol.
Day 3

Start of day 3 and the scales are going down . I know I should n't weigh every day but these first few days are soo hard I need as much encouragement that I can get!!

I'm all finding inspiration wherever you can get it and I'm a great advocate of taking before photo's. I took some in my underwear on Wednesday, which was no meen feat I'll tell you. Although my honey sees me naked all the time I didn't fancy posing for him to take horrid pics, so I paraded the house trying to find somewhere so I could use the self timer!! I ended up in the front room with the camera propped on the tv. OMG I look gross. I can't believe I allowed myself to get to this point when it's happening you are aware that clothes are getting tighter and you go up to the next size, but it's not until you are actually faced with seeing yourself that you realise how far you have let things get

My sister saw me on Thursday and said "wow you have really swollen up!" Thanks sis love you too xx I can always count on her to give it to me straight!! I even had a go at the OH blaming him for my downfall and allowing me to slip so far. He just said your right and "trust me it won't happen again" lol.

But really I can't blame others because I know I am in charge of my own life and my own destiny. I have a tendency to suffer from depression/stress/boredom/anger/anxiety and eating is my comfort. Half the time I don't even want it!! I need to try and find another healthier outlet.

Oh well onwards and downwards.
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Lose2Win I can so relate to your story .my weight. Has crept on since I got married again 5 years ago .I can't even bear being undressed in front of him .but I am going to do this :) for myself and maybe a spark to my marriage ! Good luck :) x

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Day 4

I'm in bed and day 4 is done and dusted. Went to a spin class this evening and sweated like a p.i.g :) it felt good. I wasn't tired or dizzy or faint just pumped up and having fun.

I spoke to a Cambridge counsellor when I got back and made an appointment for this Thursday evening. So I'm afraid I'm defecting guys. I tried Lipotrim to the best of my abilities and I just cannot stomach it. I know that Cambridge costs more but that's a sacrifice I can make in the name of palatable food!! I'd love to continue my diary here but I don't think it's allowed, so I'll start a new on in the Cambridge section.

Good night Mel D

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