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mel's day 1 re-feed


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Hiya all, im off on my hols on 1st june so have decied to re-feed as i missed easter and mine, my bf and sons birthday (well i didnt miss them i just didint eat anything), so im really pleased with my loss so far and have decided that i want to have a couple of drinks etc on holiday. im not gonna go mad, gonna eat salad and other good things but also treat myself to an ice-cream or somethin and 1 take away. That is my plan and i really think that ill be able to stick to that, i just wanted to go away with my family and not be the odd one out. Wen i get bak tho im weighin-in at chemist the same day and then bak to the strict LT regime which im actually lookin 4ward to, as im so near goal that it would be a shame to not see it thru to the end!!!
Its surprising how scary a thought refeeding is, i hope i dont mess it up. Fanx 2 all who've posted diaries as its been really helpful lookin thru them all xxx
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Here we go again!
Good luck with the refeeding Mel and I'm sure you'll have a great holiday. Where you going?

I will be joining the refeeding group in 4 weeks and can't wait. A little nervous about it but really looking forward to it.

Good luck for when you get back and I like your determination to get to your goal. Good for you.


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Good luck for your refeeding and have a great time on hols :)

ill be with mini aswell joining in 4 weeks ... your right, scary but exciting! lol xxx


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Welcome to refeed Mel :)
Where you going on holiday?


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hiya everyone, were off to butlins, the kids absolutely loved it wen we took them last yr, it was really good fun actually for all of us, a great family holiday! we spend so little time at our apartment as there is always loads to do so i know its gonna be hard to eat healthy all wk as there are loads of ice-cream and sweets and burger bars and pancake bars but NO salad bars! wel actually there is one......inside the pizza place lol!but im hopefully not gonna be very hungry so will be able to wait til were at the apartment where i can make a beautiful fresh salad of some sort!!! my 1st day of re-feed went well and ive woken up still full! im just gonna run thru peoples diaries again for ideas as im off to the farmers market in a bit for some fresh fish and things for week 1 x


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Hi and welcome to refeeding.
Its so exciting just at the thought of going food shopping when you start on refeed.....lol. Enjoy it Mel.


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Hi Kered, ive written out my shopping list and for the 4 of us it seems to be VERY long as they dont eat the same as me. My BF doesnt eat fish, loves salad although its only ice-berg lettuce, cucumber and tomato and little bit of pepper, my son loves salmon my daughter doesnt, my son loves tomatoes and hates peppers and vice versa for my daughter, my BF loves spicy things my kids dont, they like fruit but only really the expensive berries, melons etc! my son doesnt like mince......i think u get the picture! lol!!!
if i was just shoppin for me i would definately enjoy it, but as im not we have to buy such a variety of things that it can be sooo expensive. I never used to buy crisps and choc bars but with the recession and things, ive had to just to bulk out there lunch boxes. Im sure we will get there tho and i will find a meal that we all like! x


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Ooh sort of takes the fun out of it with all the differences in everyones tastes - I am lucky, just me and OH here and all he eats is plain basic foods like plain roast chicken, plan mince and onions etc, so the only experimenting is on myself lol.


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im gonna have to train them all to eat properly lol. Mind you, my BF use to live on waffles, sausage and beans, its only since weve been together that he began to try new things, i got him onto salad and he loves it! and he will occasionally eat peas and carrots at a push, ill just have to keep pushin! lol x

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