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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by tattyboo, 16 August 2009 Social URL.

  1. tattyboo

    tattyboo Full Member

    I've just started the sole source diet today and wondered if there were any other men out there who are doing it who may find it helpful to share stories and encouragement.

    God it's all about the will power!!
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  3. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    there are a few men on it here!

    Welcome to the fabulous forum

  4. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    Now then tatty, I'm doing CD; not SS though
  5. DizzyFlowers

    DizzyFlowers Full Member

    Jim may not be on SS but hes losing weight as if he is!!
    id be lying if i said i wasnt jelous! lol
    Well done jim!
  6. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    Ah thanks Dizzy :D

    I've not been weighed in with my CD for nearly four weeks now, due to the swine flu etc., so I'm a bit nervous as to how her scales will compare to my weighing on the Wii Fit...
  7. ashat

    ashat Full Member

    Welcome to CD Tatty :D

    Jim even if you arnt on SS now I think Tatty could take some inspriation from you. You have done amazingly well :worthy:
  8. tattyboo

    tattyboo Full Member

    cheers fellas

    wasn't sure it was for me but i just keep thinking of all the clothes in All Saints that i'll be able to buy that wouldn't fit me before - not sure i'll be able to stick to it for any length of time though lol

    did any of you notice feeling light headed? i know it's only my first day but i'm feeling a bit jittery if that makes sense

    well done by the way lads, takes a lot of will power to make it on this diet - CD pints all round :)
  9. danielpartyuk

    danielpartyuk Full Member

    Yeh im another guy on SS! It's brill isnt it! I did it for months a while ago and lost almost 3 stones, just want to loose the last bit so im back on it again, and thankfully in ketosis now! I love it though its the best diet in the world! Can't wait for weigh in this thursday!!!

    Speak soon!
  10. tattyboo

    tattyboo Full Member

    Why am i not as giddy as you Dan?

    Am i not doing it right? lol
  11. danielpartyuk

    danielpartyuk Full Member

    Well I've been a student for years; I can't cook so eat rubbish, I enjoy the diet because of the results, don't feel hungry, don't get me wrong it's hard sometimes, but I was so unhappy being "bigger" now I'm getting slimmer it makes me more happy!! Plus the foods nice isn't it! I love the soups, shakes ect! WOO! Feel the spirit!
  12. Tracey1404

    Tracey1404 Enjoyin' my journey....

  13. danielpartyuk

    danielpartyuk Full Member

    Happy soup! Drink more get thin! WOO!
  14. tattyboo

    tattyboo Full Member

    how long did it take you to lose your three stones Dan?
  15. DizzyFlowers

    DizzyFlowers Full Member

    im sure it will be close, i usually fine only 2 lb differnce between any scales i use.
    Good luck for the weigh in anyway, let us know!!
  16. DizzyFlowers

    DizzyFlowers Full Member

    Im not a bloke, but im going to answer this anyway!

    I felt light headed for the first 3 days, and was ready to crack on the 3rd day, by far the worst day.

    But i woke up on the 4th with no shakey feeling and no light head!

    Make sure you drink your 2.5litres of water, not only will it help with any headaches you might get it it helps for a great weightloss!!

    and for a bit of an extra push for you, this is my 5th day and i had a sneaky weigh in today and iv lost 10lb! AND guys lose weight quicker than us girlies aparently so good luck!

  17. tattyboo

    tattyboo Full Member

    thanks dizzy that has made me feel better - i think it will be easier to stick to it knowing that it won't always be like this, it's just that when you feel a little unwell you naturally do something to make yourself feel better but i will resist!!

    thanks for posting
  18. DizzyFlowers

    DizzyFlowers Full Member

    No problem.
    It will pass i PROMISE.
  19. Elvira

    Elvira Mistress of the Dark

    Man you are craaaaaaazzeeeeeeeee lol! I tried the soups and they made me retch!!!

    I'm about to embark on student life and worrying I won't be able to afford my CD supplies booooooo! :cry:
  20. danielpartyuk

    danielpartyuk Full Member

    I only like the Leak and Potato one, its lovely!!! Yeh I cut down to 3 a day when I was a student :p How are you anyway!! X
  21. richman14

    richman14 Full Member

    hi welcome to the board

    i am a man lost 8 stone in 6 months amazing diet!! good luck

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