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Men .....Rant Rant part 2!!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Ok so I like banana tetra in my coffee,I now discover so does my hubby.I go to work come back not only has he drunk 1 of my banana tetras in his coffee,he has now also had half a flippin chocolate 1 aswell!!Apparantley we ran out of milk so he HAD to use them .....I cant tell him how much they are each as he thinks my whole weeks supply is only 20 quid!

Julie sitting at home.....understatement of the year FUMING!!
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Hide them and get a bit 4pinter of milk or something to proove a point to him!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hee!Hee! this thread is not to be confused with the first rant rant thread,me and my hubby are blissfully happy,well we were until this morning!!LOL I made a bit of a mistake with the title thread that was buffy dogs!!


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Freeze him a load of milk in an ice cubre tray! No excuse then! lol
Just tell him not to use them. I would kill my hsband if he touched them. Thank god he has no interset - seems like i am not the only one who tells my oh that cd is so much cheaper then it really is lol!
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lol i said it was 20 quid tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) x
My hubby knows exactally how much cd costs us and would pay more if it makes me happy healthy etc.xx


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hee!hee!It just shows how out of touch men are with food prices!!I would KNOW if he came in with a bag like that id be like 20 quid no way!!
Susan, you are a lucky lady!! Mine wasn't the happiest and in hindsight I should have probably lied! Did to start with and then I caved in and told him. He said I should just stick to it for a week or so (?! men's logic!).
I'll have to find the money from somewhere, and just start cooking for him again!


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mine is currently eating sandwiches and cereal all the time just so we can afford it. when i thought i would have to stop for financial reasons he got really upset and said he would buy cheaper sandwich ingredients :S ha. the guy is a rake already... i need to lose weight fast just so he doesn't end up with scurvy :D hee. he eats healthily at work though :)

abz xx
at £5.45 a day you get great nutrition and you lose weight in a healthy manner so I keep saying to my OH that's like a starter or couple of sandwiches. Hi is impressed with the results and that the supermarket bill is down (plus no more hidden bags of crisps etc) ;0)


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Hi darling, well you know my fella eats my bars, used to drink my tetras, so had to get ones he didnt like, its a nitemare, are you going to have enough for the week, sally will totally understand if you need to pop in and get replacements, Ive had to do it before.
I used to get really cross with my fella, but its pointless, when my doggies eat a bar, then I knew I had to find a new hiding place,lol.


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Well,seems like we all tell a few porkys eh!!what they dont know cant hurt em,ours at the group each week is £47 he would have a major fit believe me!!
Penny hiya luvvy,Im ok as I had a few spare when I started its just the selfishness of it,if I used a can of his beer to wash my hair cos we'd run out of shampoo hed flip,and what annoys me more is that the garage is a 2 min walk and they sell plenty of milk there,but no its so much easier to use Julies BLOODY FOOD FOR THE WEEK!!!


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S: 25st7lb C: 17st9lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 33.5 Loss: 7st12lb(30.81%)
Least if you used beer to wash your hair,it would cover up the smell of stale pee............:p.........:p............running and hiding.

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