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Vegetarian who lives2eat
Anyone going through the first stages of Menopause and noticed that it affects the weight loss. Not sure if its due to water retention or just hormones. Is there anything you take to get rid of the fluid and my Hubbie would be very grateful if anyone knows of any vitamin supplements that would help with the mood swings.
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My weightloss is very slow, I never thought that menopause could be the cause.
I would love some ideas too, I have terrible mood swings. I am going through a particularly weepy time at the moment, I don't want to speak to anyone in case I cry in front of them. I am taking starflower oil which helps with my breast pain and st johns wort for my misery.
I'll be rattling soon!
I am past that now but it was a horrible time! I used a supplement called optivite which was recommended by the Women's Nutritional Advisory Board and I had excellent results. I also used serenity which is a natural progesterone cream applied topically and I had a great reduction in symptoms. But for all women approaching this time it is good to have your thyroid checked as well. It can mimic many menopausal symptoms and usually hits you about the same time.


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Mumoftwo,, The breast pain is awful isnt it, dont know which symptom is the worst but I do weigh heavier when I am getting symptoms, will have to try something, maybe have a look at that optivite that vijch50 recommends,ta, x
There's quite a few vitamins and herbal remedies for help with menopause. Evening primrose oil, vitamin d and black cohosh to name a few. I've tried evening primrose oil for PMT and had some good results, it helped with the mood swings and the bloating my breasts stopped feeling sore. It takes about 3 months to kick in though. I've also heard good things about black cohosh for the menopause but haven't tried it. You could cut down on sodium to help with the bloating aswell.
I'm about 2 years into it and suffer from hot flushes. As for water retention, I find the more water you drink the less you retain. Sounds strange I know. Good luck. I don't really take anything. But will try some of the above.
The only really annoying symptom of the menopause that I had was that the weight was so slow to come off. I had a few night sweats and quite a bit of teary days, but the weight loss being so slow was really annoying.
Im 40 and had hysterectomy.. the lot was taken, lol, i had two large ovarian tumours removed 3mths ago now, im struggling with slow loss and sore breast is dreadful, feel like im due on constantly, im taking 3 omega 3 a day and starflower, ive started EE plan ..... im in hope i will start losing , im back on track this week, joined a class and payed 12weeks upfront, so im sticking to it, good luck, x

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