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messed up royally


Slimming for my children
I have just completely blown the diet big styyle!!!!

I havent had a nights sleep in nearly 19 weeks and the past three days my son has been going throuigh a major major growth spurt! last three nights he has had me up every 30-45 mins.
I have been sick this mornnig through sheer exhaustion and just had peanut butter on white bread!!!!!!!!! then two curly wurlys.

I am just so exhausted and hungry all the time at the moment and am needing comfort food.

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Dont worry im sure you'll be back on track before you know it, dont dwell on the relapse its happened you probably needed it, just look forward to the future, good luck xx


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You've haven't blown the diet, you've just been rather naughty! In the circumstances a totally understandable mini rebellion. Even though my daughter is 8 now, I well remember the sleepless nights and the feeling of being a zombie.

Looking at the positives from this, one is that you've recognised very quickly that what you have done was probably not one of your best ideas. Secondly, you've got a bit of naughtiness out of your system, we all need to do it from time to time! The other thing is you can still pull it back for the week, if you want to. You can either draw a line under it and carry on as per usual or you can add up the syn-age and work out what to reduce your syns to for the rest of the week to pull it back to stay within syns for the week.

However you decide to deal with it, one thing is certain, you musn't beat yourself up about it. It's hard work looking after a youngun and it's very hard trying to lose weight at the same time, so I think you are a star and you shouldn't be too hard on yourself.

You can do this!


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I agree, you needed it hon. DON'T you go being hard on yourself, you are doing fab. And just look at how well you are caring for your lovely baby. You will get back on track, I know you will. Its just a little blip.

I started ww right after my son was born, so I know how hard it is when you are soooooo tired. I found it really did help to stick to wholegrains/fruit/cereal bars etc, and protein with every meal. For example beans and toast is quick, filling and gives you energy.

But I am guessing you don't me telling you that, you are doing fab xx


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Oh the hell of broken nights! Are you able to take a nap during the day to boost your energy levels?
I would just aim to maintain at the moment whilst you're under such stress. Your hormones will still be readjusting too. As your lovely baby begins to sleep more you will be able to concentrate more on yourself, but a new baby is bl**dy hard work!


Will be thin god dammit!!
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I agree with Judi - at the mo your body is ever changing so dont beat yourself up about it - you had a blip and now draw a line under it!
Theres a reason sleep deprivation is used as torture you know! ;)
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I had three bread rolls and a third of a toffee cheesecake so don't worry about it :D I think the important factor is that you've quickly recognised it wasn't the wisest thing to do and hopefully now (like me) you can just snap your fingers and get back on track. I eat through sheer boredom and a deep-set psychological addiction to food so I am having CBT to try and address it - so far it has been great (except last night lol!):D


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erm... blown it? yesterday I had... :-s A cheesey melted sandwich on white... a jacket potato with alphabetti and cheese.. I then had 2 slices of white toast with cant believe its not butter...and a packet of randoms.. and then like 9 last night had a curry with cheese in it with pilau rice and a popadom... only good thing was with coke zero.

So honestly hun... don't worry yourself! I sat in group yesterday morning and told everyone had crap I was feeling had much uni pressure I had, stress from my daughter and other worries and my con went on going oh well it will be okay blah blah blah!...how can we help?... what can we do for you... erm nothing you gonna be there to cook for me? so needless to say it wasn't ok..

But today I am back on track, I got a phone call an hr ago asking if I wanted anything from BurgerKing and I said no thanks..got enough making up to do as it is. dont beat yourself up so much x


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:DCoke Zero - hahaha love it! (If I am really naughty I eat an apple - madness!)
:8855:If i think i haven't eaten enough fruit I sit and eat like 6 satsumas in one time thinking it is suddenly gonna make it better!
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Yessssssssss - me too!!!! And on weigh in day I gorge on chicken thinking it will miraculously knock about another ton off that day!!


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lol.. I dont eat on weigh in day.. I also make sure I have been for a wee and definately a poo!! lol its a standing joke in our group...'you had your poo yet??'


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try not to be too hard on yourself. sounds like you're exhausted. if the diet is too much at the moment take a break from it or follow it loosely. fill up on free stodge like pasta and potatoes.


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Have a word too with your Health Visitor if you need to. I know from BF my 4, that as soon as had any changes in my life (exercising / losing weight / going back to work / moving house) it had a direct effect on the milk and consequently my babies.

It maybe your hard work at slimming is having a knock on effect on your milk? It may be your ds is working harder to make more from you and this co-inciding with a growth spurt (teething?) makes him more demanding of you. You in turn then get the sleepless nights and reduced energy - hence needing more food!

Does that make sense? I hope so! Look after yourself and don't feel guilty. :) xx


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I let all 4 of mine nibble through the night in my bed ,I've never suffocated one yet :) and it really helps get some rest if not sleep ,sorry assume from the other post you are bf'ing , especially when they have growth spurts ,I know they reccomend weaning from 6 months now but all my babies were weaned at 4/5 months ,at 19 weeks it's about the right time to try a little baby rice mixed with breast milk.
Hope this helps you and fingers crossed for a good night tonight xx


Slimming for my children
thanks guys i feel a whole lot better now. My hubby and sister looked after him whilst i slept for 2 hours. but woke engorged..... you cant win.

robsters wife i am going down the baby led weaning route. So not introducing any sort of food till 6 months. not long to go considering hes nearly 19 weeks. xxx
Hi Hun, i totally know how you feel..even though i am not breastfeeding i havent had a full nights sleep since about 8 months pregnant!!! Shes just over 6 months and i tell myself everyday its going to get better...people tell me to nap in the day but nap times are such a battle..it takes me 30mins to get her to sleep as i have stopped the rocking to sleep so we go through screaming then for her only to have 20mins sleep...

Sorry i sound like im complaining about my own troubles. Im sure its a stage and most babies do sleep i think mine is a exception.. dont worry about the diet for today. Get your energy back then you will feel better and more positive about reaching for fruit instead of choc

Em x

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