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  1. emzy1985

    emzy1985 Full Member

    ahhhhhhh so annoyed today thought i was doing really well even thou i forgot my lunch i never picked at nothign all day then went food shoppin brought a frade trade ceral bar never thought anything just ate it was still starvin when i got home i chomped 3 biscuits and pack of speacail nibbles speacial k bar knew what i was doing but just felt like i couldn't stop :(
    When i felt better i looked at pp and realised that frade trade bar was 11 pp i thought it would be half then that.
    Feel so stupid been tryin so hard all day and mess it all up within 5 mins :(
    i have not even had a proper meal and i used 21pp! silly girl! :mad:
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  3. emzy1985

    emzy1985 Full Member

    Stress over!
  4. ~Crooked Smile~

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    Ah I was just on my way to tell you just to put it behind you and not stress about it, but it seems you have already done that! well done :)
    While I'm here, I will reiterate, it's done, no point beating yourself up. You still did well for the rest of the day- imagine if you'd snacked all day and come home and done all that?? Just be good the rest of today, and chin up tomorrow :)
  5. emzy1985

    emzy1985 Full Member

    well i just had a ww meal for my tin and will ahve some friut tonight sorted i was so stressed out thinking why have u done this but i dont know what came over me i was hungry i just started eating still cant believe that tiny bar was 11pp thou i mean it was tiny and look healthy lol x x
  6. sarah-_-jane

    sarah-_-jane Member

    They're the worst! The ones you think must be good for you!

    Glad you seem to have seen sense and realised not to stress over it

  7. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    Not Eating Like a Pig
    I think we've all done similar :)
    But at least you know now and won't get one of them again unless you know you have the points.
    Nutrigrain bars are 4 points, they're a pretty good cereal bar substitute. Or if it's the crunch you want, Tracker bars that you can get in Newsagents (37g bars) are only 5 points. I do like a good crunch!!
  8. emzy1985

    emzy1985 Full Member

    That's good to hear lol and yh ok now just stressing over first weigh in lol really want it to be a good one lol x x
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