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Weather your loosing 1lb or 10lbs a week it doesnt matter everyone has there goals to work towards =] so im making this challenge thread to give those who choose to have a challenge the chance :)

My may challenge is to..
loose 14 lbs from my current weight of 19 stones 7lbs :).

Post your goals??...


Here is a list of people that are currently taking part and the goals we have set for ourselves =] goodluck everyone!!...

Kiira = 14lbs
Clare = 14lbs
Spinmerightround = 7lbs
Sona1980 = 5-7lbs
Sharonskippins = 6lbs
XNATX = 10lbs
Silence = 14lbs
DerbyLion = 10lbs
AmandaBFC = 5lbs
xJMx = 10lbs
Dee-EM = 10lbs
billygroat = 5lbs
chocolateandskyblue = 6lbs

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Thanks for starting this thread:)

I have not been on the scales yet so I'm going to get weighed on the 1st of May and set my goal to loose 14lb from that weight. :D
Ok kool look forward to doing it with you :) xx
I'm going for a conservative 7lbs in May.

I know if I make too big a goal I'll end up really deflated so I'm sticking with what I know I'll be happy with and if I lose more it'll be a bonus!

Good Luck everyone!:cool:
i did the april challenge and set myself 10lbs but i lost 15lbs in may and ive already lost like 7lbs since just over a week ago so i picked 14lbs , its scaring me this weight loss... maybe my break up is making me focus more lol xx

good luck everyone and lets support each other through the challenge x
OMG You have lost 15lbs this month!
It was only a few days ago you posted 11lbs!
You are doing great! :)
i know its scary i seem to be loosing 1-2lbs a day im now down to 19 stone 7lbs :s :s :s maybe coz i go gym everyday and am super active but its really nice :)... and at this time it makes me focus more..=]
thats a great goal :) good luck!.
im gona say 5-7lbs aswell as ive not had much luck so far.
im sure you will goodluck :) & wow congrats on your loss


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I am gonna say 10lb xx good luck everyone xx


Bouncing back
Can I join in please?
I'd like to lose a stone during May!