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::Super Spirited September 2010 challenge:: All welcome =D.

Lets Make September a super high spirited one...


Hello to all xenical forum family members and all the lurkers (come out of your hiding)

I've noticed that its the 7th of september and noone has done the monthly challenge thread so here it is.. a bit late yes.. but still here .. i dont want to hear any excuses from anyone for not setting a challenge so here is the thread...;)... aint you glad im here.

Weather its your first challenge or your 70th challenge jump right in and goodluck... we all need motivation to hit our targets and this way we set our OWN personal targets and do our best.. just as simple as that..

it works by setting your own lb weightloss target for the month..no winners or loosers its purely for each of us to do it for ourselves.

challenge runs from 7th september- 1st October..(A WEEK SHORT THIS MONTH EKKK)

GoodLuck Micasa Sucasa



Kiira (Punkii)- 5lbs (2lbs to go)
KittyBling - 5lbs
Kes - 10lbs (8.5lbs to go)
frumpytosexy - 8lbs
i love diamonds - 8lbs
Caz2010 - 14lbs (9 to go)
elliebird - 10lbs

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ohhhhhh kiira is back!!
LOVE IT"!!!!

im going for 10lbs this month... and im 1.5lbs down already woop woop
welcome aboard girlies!!
and yep im tryna stay active around here.. i was just looking at some threads from last year these challenges died down a bit but they gunna be back now... so jump in and do what you can xx


Taking the Scenic Route..
Kiira great thread! thank you!
Id like to lose 8lbs this month...weigh in tomo! xx
I would like to join please :) I have been to the doctors today and will be starting tomorow. I'll aim for an 8lb loss by the end of the month.
I'd like to join in please! I'm going for a stone this month. Had lost 5lbs when I went to WW yesterday so should be do-able :)
10lb for me please x
all added goodluck.. what are peoples daily routines like? what exercise are you all doing ect?

well done on caz for loosing 5lbs already thats amazin! x
all added goodluck.. what are peoples daily routines like? what exercise are you all doing ect?
This is where I'm at I do very little exercise at all but I feel I can no do some but I am not too sure what to do and where to start.
hey ellie bird i can understand where your coming from because i was once 25 stone....hmm i remember i just started off walking , its surprising how much calories you can burn walking...dont do too much too fast but maybe start a little walk.. even if just ten mins its a start... then maybe try some dancing to music at home with curtains shut lol it works... x


Taking the Scenic Route..
Shirleen 8lbs - 6lbs to go

my daily routine i do a 30min walk and an excercise dvd about 3times a week xx
I don't really do any exercise. I have bought an exercise bike and a shake weight and I plan to use these everyday once the bikes been put up. I know exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle. xx
Today I started doing some exercise, I managed 20 minutes if a workout dvd, I aim to do more tomorrow:D


Violet is shrinking
ok...i'm in :D omg!! im sooooooo nervous now.this will be my first challenge and my first weigh in on xenical :rolleyes:

im gonna start small and say 5lbs this month :)


Violet is shrinking
:character00115:exercise...whats that?..i have a exercise bike in the cupboard,does taking it out class as exercise? :giggle:

i really struggle with exercise,i have bad joints (currently being tested for bone probs) i have 2 very dodgy knees,exercise really hurts but i know i need to do it,even if its a bit. jumping around is no good for my knees,if anyone knows of any gentle exercises orworkout dvds please let me know :D


Violet is shrinking
you're right Kitty,i think walking is the best place to start,hopefully exercise will be so much easier on me once the weight starts coming off.

hi piink punkstarr, i just wanted to say, i think your weight loss is amazing, you really inspire me, and i bet others too!! :)


Violet is shrinking
thought i'd bring this back to life....how's everyone doing?



Taking the Scenic Route..
Bunny i recently bought an oldish Rosemary Conley's ultimate body workout (simply because it was about £2.80 on amazon! lol)
But it has a section that bases exercise in the chair...for less abled bodies...
For £2.80 thats not bad! :p


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