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::MICASA SUCASA... [[Healthier Happier Halloween]] =D SpoOktober 2010 Challenge OPEN!

HEYYY. its October >> HALLOWEEN!!!



My favourite month of the year because its the one month i actually look at home :p... not saying you guys get to call me a witch :p.. but you know =D...

I think most of you guys knows how this works but heres the info incase there's new faces this month (dont worry everyone + anyone is welcome).....

YOU pick your monthly target (in pounds , stones whatever you wish to use)...and you decide your pace ,The goals are here for each of us and if we dont complete the goal by the end of the month we have a strict "dont beat your self up policy" + in TEAM MICASA SUCASA (THATS ALL oF YOU!! & ME LOL) We just pick ourselves and others around us back up and off we go to the next month....

weather you loose 1lb or 20lbs its closer to your overall weightloss goal so smile.

we all need motivation to hit our targets and this way we set our OWN personal targets and do our best.. just as simple as that..

Challenge runs from 1st october-1st November..

GoodLuck Micasa Sucasa



Piink Punkii =5lbs to be Bitten away!!!
(goal weight 8st8)
bunny hops -10lbs
elliebird -14lbs
frumpytosexy -10lbs
caz2010 -10lbs
Shirleen - 10lbs
Kes - 15lbs
Pink_Kelly - 8lbs
i love diamonds - 10lbs
lisabslim - 10lbs
Downsizeme - 4 lbs (going on holiday to Vegas for a week so don't think I'll make it!)

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sorry i didnt see that someone had upped a thread for halloween i usually do it within last few days of the month so everyones ready.. sorry again.


Violet is shrinking
I love halloween,i go mad doing the house, i put lights outside and gravestones on the front garden,loads of cool stuff in the house too...love it!

put me down for 10lbs.... bring it on!! :D

love your threads piink!!
14lbs for me please


Taking the Scenic Route..
Don't worry Kiira, yours is better anyways! :D
Hadn't seen you around lately, so thought I'd start it incase.
10lbs for me. X
Shirleen - 10lbs
Kes - 15lbs
Pink_Kelly - 8lbs
Bunny-hops - 10lbs
Elliebird - 14lbs
i love diamonds - 10lbs
lisabslim - 10lbs
Caz2010 - 10lbs
Downsizeme - 4 lbs (going on holiday to Vegas for a week so don't think I'll make it!)

thats the list from the other thread...

im sure Kiira yours will get more used... you are the queen of challenges!!!!
hey everyone ,

bunny hops i LOVE LOVE halloween.. you must take a piccie of ure garden with gravestones in it so i can take a look it sounds too interesting not to see..oh and if anyone dresses up i want piccies :p...

frumptosexy sometimes im away from minis for a while but i always try make sure im back to post the challenges.. i cant believe that these challenges have been running for a year and half now where does time fly??.. lol.. but dont worry u did right because we all need teh challenges up so im happy to know if im not around someone will do the challenges... thanks chick xx

heya kes thanks for copying all them for me.. ive updated the list..

few more days before teh start goodluck everyone...

this will be my last ever weightloss challenge that im trying to take part in (if i complete this one)... BUT i will still up the challenges each month for everyone else and to ensure it helps me maintain... if i drop below 8st8 i will go into too lower bmi for my skin surgery so im not risking it.. 8st8 will be fine for me xx


Violet is shrinking
Hi Kiira, i'll definitely take some pics...i might have some from last year somewhere, i have it up for just over a week, its great fun. i spend some time in texas several years ago and they are halloween crazy over there, i saw a house totally converted to look haunted and creepy,the windows and doors looked all boarded up,was amazing.. got the idea from there :)

when are you having your surgery? have you got to have it done over so many stages? (sorry for the nosey)
Got weighed yesterday, lost 5lbs. Already half way to my October goal so really pleased. Also got my 10% keyring at WW yesterday :D
Hi guys I know it is already october but you mind if I join in??

I would like to lose 8lbs this month but it could me tough its my birthday on the 18th. So will really need your help



Taking the Scenic Route..
2lbs off for me this week :) 8lbs to go...


Gold Member
wow forgot to update this one...
4.5lbs for me leaving 10.5lbs..
not sure thats going to happen given my days of late, but will see what happens!!! :)


Violet is shrinking
5lbs off me...5lbs to go...come one!!!!

you can do it Kes!!!
hey girlies :) come on you can do this. im just a pound down but thats okay with me.. if i do it a pound or two a week im happy lol...

so im now 8 stone 12lbs aiming for another 4lbs :) x
Everyone's doing great! 3lb off for me this week, 7lb left to go. xx


Violet is shrinking
ive got 5lbs to go but...
im due to weigh in on monday,and depending on the result i may up the target :rolleyes:

looking forward to monday...

come on!!!! :D


cos i need this xxx
oooh can i be a late starter?? 13lbs target this month!!! 1 gone! 12 to go!!