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Even if we don't continue to make these, we ended up with 2 bags of Coarse Ground Polenta, 'cos it was 46p at Morrison's for a 500 gm 'Dunn's River' bag, THEN we found an identical bag at Sainsbury's for 32p!

You all know I'm a right cheapskate, and hate putting the big oven on if avoidable. We also pad out our Scan Bran Cakes with grated carrot or courgette, which gives them a much better texture, and they keep a bit longer too.

So this is our microwaved version of Polenta Muffins

225 g coarse ground polenta (40 syns as used as flour)
2 medium eggs, beaten
2 medium carrots about 120 gms, finely grated or whizzed
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 500 gm pot of very low fat plain yogurt – cheaper than Mullerlights!
10 tbsp sweetener
2 tbsp black treacle (4 syns)
2 tsp ground ginger​

  1. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl. Whisk for at least 3 minutes. Leave to stand for a minimum of 20 minutes, so the bi-carb can do its work.​

  2. We put 3 tbsp of the mixture into each of our red plastic silicone muffin cases, unfortunately we only have 6, so had to cook 3 ½ batches!
  3. Microwaved (on full) each batch of 6 muffins for 3 minutes, left them to cool and then 'pinged' them out of the cases.
This made 21 muffins, so each muffin is approx 2 syns.​

They looked lovely – golden brown in colour with tiny orange specks.​

  • We used our 1,000 watt microwave, if you have 800 watt or 850, you could slightly increase the time – maybe 30 seconds. No more, or they will have “biscuit bottoms”.​
  • You could use more carrot if you wanted – I'm sure it would work, and you'd get more cakes! Didn't have any courgettes left today, but it would be worth trying.​
  • Make sure the carrot is finely grated – it only cooks for 3 minutes so bigger pieces would remain raw.​
  • Even with this quantity the 1 ½ litre Pyrex bowl hubby used for mixing was barely big enough – that's the main reason it was only whisked for 3 minutes!​
  • They are still a bit 'heavy' – I've now eaten 3, and definitely know it! We've put some in the freezer, and will let you know how that works – and we'd love ANY feedback, good or bad!​
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Desperate to be slim!
I will give this a go I think this week, as we have taster night next week at class.

I am making chocolate scan bran cakes (mini ones in diddy cases from poundland, I make 20, so half a syn mini muffins!)

It sounds like I could make masses of these, so that's great. Please let us know how they freeze, or I might have to make less when I'm not taking them to class!

Also, could I use golden syrup instead of treacle? I have some in so it would save buying treacle.

Emma xXx
Hi Emma,

I'm sure that you could use golden syrup to make these muffins, BUT it would not give them the same colour or flavour as the black treacle.

Also, using the tiny silicone cases, you'd have to be very careful about the microwave cooking time. To be honest, the first batch of 3 that we cooked for just 5 minutes were completely overdone - we ate them immediately, cos I don't think we'd have got our teeth into them when cold! They really were a bit indigestable, but the 3 minute ones were lovely, hot or cold! We've got a taster session next week too, and LOVE the idea of taking lots of diddy little ones - just afraid they'd all be cinders!!!

All we can do is experiment, and see what happens! It is fascinating to watch them rise so quickly to fill their cases, and am sure that there are lots of other flavours to try, so as soon as we do, we'll let everyone know.

One thing we DID find when we added fruit to the original recipe, was that it all rose to the top - 'two layered' was someone else's description, and ours were exactly the same! I've no idea whether adding the carrot would help with this or not. We certainly don't have that problem with the Scan Bran cakes!

We've not yet tried the frozen ones, I'm sure that they will be fine, but hubby is dubious. The ones stored in airtight boxes have been great, no deterioration at all.

It's just such a pity that we need to syn the polenta. Still, and I know that someone will correct me if I'm wrong, they are only about half the syns of a 'normal' cake, are far more filling and satisfying, and are quick and easy to make...

Good luck to everyone who's got a taster session next week - ENJOY!!!
Well, we ate the ones from the freezer this morning and they were absolutely fine, despite hubby's reservations. BUT the remaining ones in the airtight boxes (and we used airtight boxes for the freezer too) had completely gone! Even the pigeons in the back garden didn't like them, and they eat ANYTHING!!!

So, it looks as though they will keep OK in an airtight box for 2-3 days, and be fine in the freezer - just wish we'd had room to freeze more of them...
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Desperate to be slim!
Glad to hear the frozen ones were good.... I have just made them, popped them in the micro, and realised when they were still quite wet that I hadn't added the egg!!! Argh!!! Will have to do another batch I reckon. What a MUPPET!!!


Desperate to be slim!
We have lots of cats round here, so I don't like to feed the birds as it seems cruel coaxing them down and then getting chased off by one of the various cats!!!

OH is off to squash in a while, so I will have a second attempt then, after a walk to the shop to grab some more carrots.

You are lucky, with OH doing your cooking.... I do the cooking here, and himself washes up... that suits me though, as I HATE washing up!!! Hehe.

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