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Might switch from Atkins

Hi everybody, would really value some opinions on my dilema.

I'm just into my 5th week of Atkins. At first my losses were great but have slowed right down. I promised myself I'll carry on til the end of the month but thinking of switching over to Dukan. I bought the Atkins and Dukan books at the same time, read both and decided on Atkins, mainly for the cheese! But now am finding I can't stomach the grease anymore! I can't face cheese, butter, mayonnaise or cream. I'm desperate for a yoghurt for breakfast and a cup of ordinary tea! And a bigger variety of vegetables and salad. I still have a lot to loose so feel really disapointed that I seem to have stalled already. The last 2 weeks I have basically stayed the same. It feels like I need to do something different. I lost 4 stone with WW a few years ago but put it all back on so I'm committed to doing the low carb thing long term.

What do you all think? When I went on the Dukan website it said my true weight was 12st 1lb, which seems right, and to do a 3 day attack, but as I've already lost water weight and I think I'm still in ketosis, would the same still apply?

Thanks in advance everyone! :):):)
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Not very good at this!
Hi I did Dukan for 4 months then switched to the dark and cheesy side in january for a month and didn't lose a thing so came back to Dukan and am losing steadily again now. I enjoyed the cheese and sausages but found the carb counting and weighing veg a bit stressful especially as I wasn't losing. I missed the yoghurt and the oatbran.

I would still do the three days of Attack but don't expect the huge losses some of the others have had if you are coming straight from another diet. To be affective you have to be really strict with Dukan - you don't have the leeway you have with Atkins (I think I was addicted to Atkins chocolate bars!!)


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Hi Becky! I started Dukan last week with amazing results to start already. I chose it over Atkins for the exact reason you mention - I know I can only tolerate a limited amount of full-fat stuff without getting ill, so I chose Dukan. I am a TOTAL CHEESEHEAD and I still love it, but have hardly missed it. I figure if I'm going to do this, I should do right and give up two of my biggest culprits - cheese and wine (not necessarily in that order ;)).

After doing loads of research, I'm convinced that both diets work on the same basis - get your body into ketosis & then start losing. What Atkins seems to do is totally limit your carb intake and Dukan's foods tend to be more low-calorie (and thus probably the reason for good results for many).

If you get creative, it doesn't feel restrictive.

Word to wise though... read through the Forum boards on the Dukan site if you are thinking of signing up for coaching just now - its a nightmare and I would seriously recommend waiting until they sort the issues out.

Best of luck to you!!!
Thats really helpful, thank you! I can sort of understand the science but it just feels wrong eating all that fat!! I've been feeling queasy nearly all the time. As soon as I tried to come off induction I'd put a pound on, then it would take days and days to lose it again.

Am definitely going to go for it, starting 1st May. Need to eat up the huge stock of bacon first....Don't think I will go for the coaching though, I've seen from here that the website isn't too reliable! I'll keep an eye on here for now but expect me back in a week or so!! :):):):):):)
See you on the 1st...if your a cheesey bod like me...get your quark in advance!! I cant tell the difference between that and light philly...wrapped in salmon it gives me the cheesey hit i need (albeit a lame one!) x
Never tried quark but will give it a go! I did make one of the Atkins cheesecakes baked with philly, eggs, sweetener, vanilla and lemon rind and it was fab. If I can do similar with quark I'll be very happy!


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Jess you are an American....What is the closest thing in the US to Quark? Not meaning to hijack your thread Becky. Year & years ago my husband before he became ill did Atkins and yes he lost 35lbs. But their is no way I could have processed all the fat. See you on the 1st.:D:D:D
Hi Karen - I'm afraid there's nothing super-close that I ever came across (but then again, I never heard of Quark before this diet and couldn't even find it at the shop today!). The taste and consistency are like a mix of cream cheese and sour cream... doesn't sound great, but it does have potential ;)!

Did you guys get a US version of the book? I was wondering how the foods would be translated... another tough one (even here) is the non-fat Normandy Fromage Frais - that's a mix between natural fat-free yogurt and cottage cheese (again, there is potential!)

Must be hot in Texas!!


Not very good at this!
There is a recipe in the recipe thread for making your own cottage cheese that you could experiment with - some of the results were more like a cream cheese than a cottage cheese.
Yes, Jess bought it the other day. Confusingly he uses the term low fat a lot in the book where here we use FF. I am not a huge fan of yogurt, eggs and soft cheese so I'm having some real issues as a basis of things to eat. The meats of course being from Texas I'm all into. I do like rocotta FF, but the rest of soft cheese...just not me. So hopefully when we can add veg days I'll be able to absorb this program better....did I mention I miss my glass of red wine. wha wha wha.....

Ohhhh and yes it has been edging upward toward 100 a few days already....scary in April. But we are having a reprieve for a few days in the 50's-80's. We'll take what we can get. Trying to get the walks in early.
By the feel of things looks like we are in for a hot one....errrrrr That translates to 60-90 days over 100 Far / Cent 39-42 All your body does is swell and it is to hot to really workout.... outside. So I'm in a race to get as much off as possible before it becomes unbearable.
Thanks for the clarification Quark


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No problem Karen! Forgot about Ricotta (biggie on South Beach). We don't get Fat-Free Ricotta here (that I've seen) but I remember getting quite creative when hubby did South Beach - made all kinds of yummy things with it!

Off to Texas this summer (Houston where my Mom is living these days). IN JULY. Yes, we are preparing to boil... hopefully I'll shed a few pounds before then so I can wear less clothes more comfortably :)
Jess, all I can say is you MUST reeeeeally love your MOTHER.... July in Houston. Coming from chilly Scotland and going to into insert (naughty word) man are you in for a wake up call. Try to get your hands on some of the shirts that do moisture wicking, they help so much. I think the humidity down there is something like 100000% :8855::8855::8855: and then lets toss in some 100 degree weather just for the fun of it. Welcome to Texas
Later K