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Mika`s new song and video


Serial Foodie!
saw it at urs for first time yesterday. dont reckon much to the song but definaely appriciate the sentiment lol. hes kinda cute too :)


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After you have heard the song a few times it will grow on you, I hated it at first too, but now go round singing it......ok trying to sing it.


a bit different everyday
haha when i read this i thought you said mike as in icemoose
i was sat here thinking how does he fit it all in, quiz shows, tummy tucks then recording songs as well
duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me


Serial Foodie!
i think mike did do a song actually lol. just not same one as mika. that icemoose dont 'alf get around.

u still got laptop woes nat? i havent really seen hubby as yet!


Serial Foodie!
thats the one :D


I have the album - loved the song the first time I heard it. What a fab video! Don't all the women in it look amazing? We should all be that comfortable with our curves, even if we're in the process of trying to reduce them a bit!

Mika looks fine as well ;)


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you know i wasnt convinced but it really does grow on you. as with all Mikas tunes me finks



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Ooh how did I miss this lol

I love this song too sonkie :D Jess had heard it before me, she says, 'mum, you'll like this one' hahahah


Gone fishing
Me too. Love it, love it. Great beat, mucho fun and fab video.

I did show it to DS2, but he didn't like it :( We usually share similar tastes in music.

Then noticed that incy, wincy girlfriend was behind him. Could hardly admit to approving of this track eh:D
Think it's a real catchy bouncy song - and love the video ... whether I WANT to be big or not, it's nice to have someone celebrating big girls instead of stick thin twigs all the time!!!
ooh i love this song!
its on most mornings on ftn and the kids jig around to it lol

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