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Mike 24

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Hello there :p

So, I've decided that I'll keep this diary to help keep track of how I do and hope that it will help and inspire me and maybe others!

Well, a little about me....

Well, my name is Mike and I'm 24 (did you guess that already?) :D .

I live in North London, and currently single (alas) after splitting up with my last partner just before Christmas (and I forgot to get my present off him first!).

I have two jobs. by day I work as a Insurance Fraud investigator for a large insurer. By night however I work as a Drag Artist, touring the country with my show, mainly working on the Ladies Night circuit (you might have even seen me :D).

Being big isn't something new for me. I've always been on the chubby or large side. However, over the past few years with the excesses of University and my general laziness I have managed to get to over 20 Stone. I'm only 5ft7 as well. I'm currently supporting a 52" chest and a 48" waist. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the first time I've admitted that to anyone!

I'm determined that this isn't going to be the case any more. :p...you have no idea how much it is to have full sequin costumes made in my size! :D

I first considered the Lighter Life diet in the summer but I found it easier at that time to make excuses like "oh thats far too expensive" and "i'll start swimming and going to the gym". After 3 weeks of going to the gym (and I must say I did loose weight), I gave up because I always felt out of place.

Then, in December, I decided that I wasn't going to allow myself to get any bigger! In fact my brain seemed to finally realise that Lighter Life was a good plan.

So, here is where it starts. I have taken the first step. In December I made my appointment with the local LLC, who luckily enough for me is Debbie Masters (who seems to have won quite a few awards for her work with Lighter Life). My appointment with her is Thursday, swiftly followed by a dash to my GP for my appointment with him. All things well, I will then attend my first group on Sunday.

So, cross your fingers for me, and I will update this tomorrow after my GP appointment.

Oh, and I thought I'd attach a couple of pics now to show you what I look like now. one of me and one of me at one of my recent shows.

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Gone fishing
Wow! You look gorgeous ;)

So, come on. Which job do you prefer? Would reckon the night job much more entertaining!

Mike 24

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the job!

Well, of course I prefer the evening job :D .

I love entertaining, and its something I've always been good at! The day job gives me the regular income while the evening job adds extra to my pocket :p. Hopefully next year I will give up the day job :)


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hi mike and welcome!

wont be long till you will need to take them outfits down a few sizes hun!!! :)

just remember to keep coming back here for the support when it gets tough!

you can do it..

heres to a slimmer trimmer us in 2007!



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LOL! Mike and WOW! I love you already. That pic is FAB-O!



love the drag outfit you look great in it sweetie, and good luck with this diet I have gone from a size 20 to a size 12 since august so if you stick with it it will just fly off have been doing swimming and dog walking, sit ups as well to tone up and using bio oil to avoid stretch marks and best of all was buying loads of clothes in size 12.................
looks like you will soon too need to pop out and buy loads of smaller dresses!

good luck keep us posted
heres a recent pickie of me!


Mike 24

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Awww thank you my dears! :p

Yes, I'm really excited about starting. Never been so motivated in my life.

I think I'm gunna have to keep 2 sets of photos aren't I....one of me as Mike and one from shows...see the difference in both :D.

p.s. My stage name is Miss Ginny Tonic ...any guess what my fave drink is? :p



i was just about to ask what your stage name was!, graet almost as good as my kinky sex!

kim x


Back again!
Well hi Mike, lovely to meet you & Miss Ginny Tonic - fab name:) I think you'll be bringing a bit of glamour to these boards!

All the best with your LL journey & keep us posted of your successes - of which, I'm sure, there'll be many


Mike 24

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Well hi Mike, lovely to meet you & Miss Ginny Tonic - fab name:) I think you'll be bringing a bit of glamour to these boards!

All the best with your LL journey & keep us posted of your successes - of which, I'm sure, there'll be many


I'll try my best dotty! :p Glamour is my middle name LOL!

All my posters and promo material currently has the slogan "Glamour just got A LOT bigger" .... thats gunna have to change innit...oh buggery! :eek: ... new slogan suggestions on a postcard please :)


Hello! Your pics are ab fab - are those little fairy lights on your dress?

Slogans, hmm...I'll get my thinking cap on.



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Hi Mike - great to meet you!

Love your alter ego and that catchy name! :) I was never one for glamour myself - but greatly admire those who can pull it off (which you can)

I agree you're going to have to think of a new slogan - it won't be long before people will be scratching their heads wondering what the hell your old one means!!

And as for your pics KINKYSEX .... wow - boobs or what?? I'm dead jealous: since I lost weight, mine look like a pair of mittens!!


Well Heeellloooo Miss Ginny Tonic LOL...:D

love that name Mike, you should have used that as user name absolute genius,

here's wishing your look on starting your LL journey, this site is the best for support 24/7 through the good times and the hard times LOL...

yeh, Kinkysex, get a load of the boobs on you girl, lovely and slim now, great figure, size 12 only in my dreams LOL


Busy busy busy!!
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Welcome Mike and Miss Ginny Tonic!
Wonderful to have you both aboard!
Now we seem to have regular meets arranged on here, you'll have to let us know where and when you are appearing and we'll all come and see you!!!

Good luck with LL - check out our other Mike's blog and see if that helps - don't think he has any tips re altering dress sizes though!!! MyCambridgeLife

Mike 24

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Good and Bad News

I'll start with the good news. The meeting with the Lighter Life Councilor went fine. :p She answered all my questions, including the one about "will I be peeing like a racehorse :D".

I then went to the doctor....

And that was basically fine too :D.

The only problem is my blood pressure which is high for someone my age, but as he said, that should come down with weight loss. I'll be seeing my Doctor every month anyway so we'll keep an eye on that :).

So, I'm overjoyed! I have my first Lighter Life session on Sunday at 10am!!!!!


:p :p :p

xxxx Mike