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Milk in tea and coffee


I can haz cake?
You can, but strictly speaking you shouldn't. There is 5g of carbs in 100ml of milk, depending on the person it could kick you outta keto. Nothing to do with calories. If you are willing to risk not being in keto then go for it. I have 100 ml or less of milk a day and I've not fallen out of keto, but thats not to say everyone else is the same


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I have had milk in morning tea from day one. I gave up coffee - it made me hungry. I think a splash of skimmed milk doesn't do any harm, but if you follow the rules to the letter the answer is no.
Cheers, I had milk in my tea on Cambridge so I might give it a try and keep a check on my ketosis over the next couple of days.

Thanks for the advice, I will update the thread if I fall out of ketosis

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i will get to my GOAL !!
i still have my cups of tea through the day it keeps me going stops me from wanting to eat lol mind you since ive started exante all i think about is food
If you drink a lot of tea and coffee and/or are carb sensitive you might want to try unsweetened soya milk instead of cow's milk. Carbs are much lower (0.2-0.4g per 100ml) so I guess it's probably less likely to knock you out of K :)

However, I too have been having a splash of semi-skimmed milk in my tea and it hasn't affected my K yet. Everyone's different I guess - you just need to figure out what works for you :)


I can haz cake?
Yep i'm with ya kelly. Couldn't do it without at least 1 cup of tea. I limit myself to 100ml (which is 5g carbs). I measured it out when I made my tea, and I used 25ml in a cup. Just enough to colour it but not making it really milky. So I have up to 4 cups a day. And the water in your tea counts towards your water intake xx


i will get to my GOAL !!
i must have a cuppa in the morning as soon as i get up lol with out tea through out the day id be going crazy lol i dont measure mine i prob should but just now i go with the flow see how it goes it stops me from picking and thinking of food im not aloud...xx
I've opened a packet of vanilla shake and using a tsp of it in my coffee, touch sweeter than my normal coffee but much more palatable than black!

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