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Milk in Tea/Coffee


That pesky stone crept back.
This was one of my major gripes about doing a VLCD last time. I am addicted to my cuppa and will happily down six cups a day, sometimes more. However, they just have to have a mere dash of skimmed milk in. Tea without milk just tastes peculiar to me, and despite trying to get used to it, I never could. I see that the shakes have soya and milk in them and I'm just wondering how a miniscule amount of milk for my tea can make such a huge difference? Does anybody here take a bit of milk in their cuppa and it not affect ketosis?
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Ohhhh I'll be watching the answer to this. the only thing I struggle with is missing my morning cup of tea, I've tried and tried but I can't drink it black, and coffee that early that early makes me feel queasy!
try using the vanilla shake powder to have with hot drinks. i put coffee in mine and can get up to 4 cups from one packet.
also for my morning coffee i use a tiny dash of semi skimmed milk. but just for the morning coffee. :)


That pesky stone crept back.
I know what you mean Sleepy. I have been trying to get off coffee for the last few months, it was making me jittery and a bit nauseous, particularly in the morning. So I haven't reordered any Nespresso capsules! Coffee with vanilla milkshake would work, but I can't see it working with tea. Bleurgh! I guess I could just try and rein in my tea habit and just have one or two (with a mere droplet) of skimmed a day? Or is even that pushing it? :naughty Slinkers:
milk is quite carbie! i would suggest you wait untill you are in ketosis and if you really want to try it then do so but keep a check to make sure it dosnt knock you out of ketosis! ;)
I previously did CD and I never gave up milk in tea and coffee, although I only have about four cups a day and use skimmed milk! Hard to say whether it affected my weight lose as I always lost 5lbs per week when I didn't cheat! This diet is hard enough and I couldn't cope without at least a cup in the morning!


That pesky stone crept back.
Yay, I won't feel so bad about it then. I have just had my third shake of the day, a vanilla, and it would work perfectly in coffee. It's much less sweet and sickly than the lighter life version, which is good. Still wouldn't go with tea though. I have had a couple of Redbush teas without milk this evening and actually they are quite nice. Well, I'm trying not to sob into my Redbush tea as my other half is kindly finishing off the left over wine at the other end of the sofa... ;)


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I take milk in my tea, a little bit wont harm. Its not even as much as an additional pack if you add it up. If you deprive yourself of something like that you will find it harder to stick to your shakes.
looking on the back of the sachets, the main ingredient is "skimmed milk powder", so I dont see what would be wrong using a little bit of skimmed milk powder in tea and coffee to whiten them??

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