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Mims weight loss journey

I've just posted in the introductions board but this is going to be my very own weight loss diary. I'm hoping it will give me some motivation to keep it up, make me stop and think before i fall off the wagon and inspire me to keep going. I will warn you all i had one of these when i was learning to drive and it became a massive massive diary through the ups and downs of me learning and i do tend to waffle. So a bit about mim then. Well im a 24 year old girl originally from Suffolk but now at university in Bedfordshire. I'm currently studying for a PhD with a topic in soil sciences. I love my PhD and i wouldn't be without it. PhD's take up a hell of a lot of time and i've been told i don't take enough time for myself im far too much of a work a holic. But im trying to change that, i joined a brass band last december (i had played from the age of 10-21 but i stopped at my first uni because i couldnt find a band and started again last december. I love to garden and having just moved into a flat of my own started planting some veg outside on the doorstep. My landlord saw this and gave me my own bit of land to put a vegetable patch on. So i’ve got the food for a healthy lifestyle growing out there now haha. So my weight. I’m a bit of a shorty, which means unless im something ridiculous like 7stone im always going to be classed as overweight, problem is i haven’t been 7 stone since i was about 10 years old! Luckily im realistic and for me a decent weight, one id be happy with and could hopefully maintain would be around 9 stone. So thats the aim. Im currently tipping the scales at 11stone5lbs. I got down to 9 stone 5 i think before i went to uni the first time so i know i can do it it’s keeping the motivation going. One motivation is my friends wedding in August, if i could loose a few pounds by then id be extremely happy.
So today i went out and joined the gym again, i WILL use the membership this time round! Managed 25 minutes on the cross trainer on the hills programme, 22 minutes on the treadmill walking briskly on the alpine pass setting and 13 minutes on the bike at a pretty slow speed with little resistance. Was i knackered? A bit, but not as much as i thought i would be. And not as much as when i last went a few months ago. Don’t get me wrong i was huffing and puffing along and very red in the face but i wasn’t as exhausted as i thought. Had a healthy breakfast of weetabix, vegetable soup for lunch and grilled chicken and homegrown lettuce, peppers ,radish and cucumber for tea. So a good day. Im sat here now craving something bad but i aren’t hungry. Its boredom i think. Its Sunday night and as per usual i am bored. Ive had a drink and its not that, ive brushed my teeth in the hope it tricks my brain into not wanting anything and im still craving something! I will beat the cravings! So there we are first diary update. I appologise in advance for long rambling posts and fingers crossed i can keep it up!
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Hi Mimsickle,

My learning to drive was a bit like that too! I've been growing vegies in pots, (actually buckets) for a couple of years, mostly with success. Will you weigh in weekly? Are you calorie counting? Did you manage to resist something bad last night? Fill us in!
Hi Minusfour, i'll be weighing in weekly. Dont intend to count calories for now i find it tedious working out exactly how many calories something is but i will be keeping a close eye on what im eating, trying to make better choices. Last night was ok, had an orange and a yoghurt in the end so did well. Had a reasonably good day today too, lunch is still going to be difficult because the main reason i dont come home for lunch is i like to get away from my desk and socialise and my friends always go to the same sandiwch place where they make you up whatever sandwich you want. Was very hard to resist the lovely chicken mayonaise today but i did and had salami and salad. And i've just done another hour in the gym, 35 minutes on the cross trainer in the aerobics mode (arms are aching today now!), 20 minutes on the treadmill alpine pass again and 10 minutes on the bike. Feeling knackered right now but if i can work it in so i go after work at least 3 times in a week i should be ok. Tomorrow will be a non gym day as im helping out with the junior band but will keep my healthier eating up. Now about to go get some lettuce from the garden and see whats in the fridge to go with it! I'll update tomorrow :D
Good work on the restraint last night, and the big gym work out! Hope your lettuce was good. (Mine got really bitter-apparently this happens if you let them dry out too much)
Thanks Minusfour lettuce was very good had some rocket mixed in too which had a bit of a kick to it.....bit too much of a kick :8855: Todays been another successful day avoiding bad foods, no gym today and am still pooped from yesterday actually!
Another good day. Although only did 30 mins at the gym tonight its better than nothing. Brought lots of lovely fruit for snackages and think distraction is the way forward so off to the cinema to distract myself!
Darn it! Caved at the cinema. I had been doing so well, went to walk straight past the confectionery stands and got to the door only to be told they hadnt finished cleaning yet so i had to wait. And that waiting in the lobby meant i was surrounded by food. And brought m&m's. Ate about 1/4 of a big bag :( but tomorrows another day and i wont let it get me down now. It was one slip.
Well this week ended disasterously. A friend of mine had a really bad day and asked did i want to go for dinner, ended up scoffing chinese and then had a few drinks :sigh: prolem is i think this friend is a saboteur it sounds daft, but she is more overweight than i am and is constantly talking about how she needs to loose weight but its difficult because of some medical condition she has. Fair enough except all i ever see her eat is rubbish and she pays a £40 month gym membership to use the pool once. Anyway whenever im trying to watch what i eat i get the oh you dont need to loose weight, you'v already lost loads talk and things like she'll go out and buy you something unhealthy and say oh but ive brought you it now. Im not saying its her fault i should be able to resist these things but its very difficult when someone doenst help you out by being supportive of things. Other than that ive done ok. Nothing majorly bad and i didnt eat the entire chinese. So now for the dreaded scales. I wouldnt be surprised if i'd put on now because of that so not going to be disapointed if i have.

ok well i've apparently lost 3lbs since last sunday although i was wearing my jeans then im in PJs now. Thats a fantastic start! Even with the chinese! And has definetly given me the motivation to try and keep it up after feeling so disheartened by the chinese incident. Im going to go the gym this afternoon and i am setting myself a challenge. I love mountain climbing/hill climbing. This time next year i will be fit enough to do the three peaks challenge. I dont want to do it for charity or anything like that and i wont do it in the 24 hours because i doubt id get a driver easily but i will do it over 3 days and climb one mountain a day. Thats challenge enough for me for now. Ive always wanted to do it and i've decided now i will!
And we're into another week. I've not done too badly today in that i havent eaten anything terrible, but i have eaten a lot. Lots of lower calorie things but the excessive snacking needs to stop. I arent even hungry its a boredom thing! Havent been to the gym today either because i had a bad day and just didnt feel like it. But tomorrows a new day and i will make it to the gym and stop snacking so excessively!
Another week down and its time for the dreaded weigh in. I don't think ive done well at all this week. Have gorged on rubbish, had an insanely busy week and not made it to the gym. So im not holding out hope for any losses. Right time to face the scales!

ok so that was dreadful ive put on 5lbs since last week :cry::cry::cry::cry: i know its my own fault for having done nothing! but i still hoped it wouldnt be that bad. well this week will have to try and keep on track better. :cry:


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Aw dont worry too much hun, everyone trips over the odd hurdle here and there, the important thing is to just get back on track.
Best wishes.
Thanks, and yep i know its a tough road. Last week was just a hectic week and this week is as well with a fieldtrip in the middle of it, which is never good for the diet because you end up eating whatever you can whenever you can but going to try very hard to choose sensibly!


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Yeh eating out is always a mission! Oh well, you do what you can when you can, lol.
Up to much this week?
Best wishes.
Lots of fieldwork and a concert on friday so busy busy busy. Keeps me occupied though and get to spend time outside (even if the forecast is for rain!)


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i find eating out quite easy girls, the answer it to just not go to a chinese or indian. i either go to taipan which is chinese/thai but all steamed food so healthy, or to a pub and then have something healthy either a salad or choose a dinner and replace the chips with salad. Its all about choosing the correct foods rather than not allowing yourself to go at all.

I know if i went to a chinese id just order loads because i love it! lol so i just dont go


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You going to wireless? All of my mates are going to see Pink, I'm so jealous! lol.
Thanks Ria, yeah we avoid the chinese usually and i dont like indian much so thats no problem its more that most menus have an array of things i want much more than a salad. But then how much do i want to loose weight, it should be more than the craving for the nice food on the menu.

Nope not going to wireless Pink, i would love to, one day i will.


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Ah what concert then? Looking forward to it?
Have fun.
haha sorry i play in a brass band so its a brass band concert. Nowhere near as exciting but i enjoy playing and is an escape from everyday life. Like i say nowhere near as cool as any other concert but i enjoy it.

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