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Mini_mog's sw weight loss diary


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Currently I'm 9 weeks into my 4th go with slimming world. First time with extra easy. Loss so far- 1st 5lb.

I'm a 27 year old full time working mummy of one little girl who almost 18 months old. I put on a large amount of weight towards the end of pregnancy when I finished work and went onto maternity leave.

I've so far lost about 2st since my daughter was born in October 09.

I'm finding sw so easy this time, ee is just what it claims to be- easy! This week I lost 1lb and my goal this week is 2lb off and my 1.5st award. Also means I'll get a new pandora charm as my reward for losing another 0.5st:)

Trying the maggi so juicy packets this week, looking forward to that and no plans this week to hold me back with my weight loss.

Weigh day is Thursday!
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Hippety Hop!
Hi Mini_Mog, Good for you getting your diary up and going and well done in the weight loss so far, that's brill!!

Would really like to know a bit more about you so any chance of your filling in the details in the "profile" section. For instance - where abouts are you living (area) and your weight statistics .. all helps for us to feel part of your "family".

Anyway, keep up the good work....:)


Minimin Addict
Hey Mini mog, well done on your progress so far.
You have to have a certain amount of posts before you can set an avatar, i think its 50, but you'll be there in know time xx


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Thank you to you both. I thought that might be the case. Really glad I found this site, it's given me loads of inspiration and it's lovely to find lots of support too.


Plodding on.......
Welcome Mini_mog (hope I got your name right - I'm posting on my phone)

Well done on your losses so far. Glad you are enjoying SW. Hope you continue to get some great results.

Gail x


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Thank you everyone:)

So yesterday we had the so juicy (paprika). Nice, the chicken was juicy as promised and we had it with sw Cajun wedges, sprouts, cauli, broccoli & carrots. Only thing I will say is that the so juicy mix is very salty, but still nice.

Tonight I'm cooking a roast beef Sunday dinner- beef, mixed veg, fry light roasties, aunt bessie's batter Yorkshire pudding (3syns) and 1syn of gravy. Yummy:)

Lunch was pasta in sauce again, a banana & a few grapes that my daughter left.

Tonight I plan to measure myself and see what I've lost inch wise since starting:)


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Tonight i felt very smug tucking into my frozen grapes & frozen mullerlight and husband gets a kebab (after a full Sunday roast!). I'd never have eaten a kebab anyway, even before I started on the plan- doubly virtuous! Hehe;)

I also measured my inches. When I started they were:
Chest: 38.5 in
Waist: 36 in
Hips: 47 in

Now (9 weeks on) they are:
Chest: 35 in (-3.5 in- and I'm still breastfeeding!)
Waist: 32in (-4 in)
Hips: 42 in (-5in)

So in total -12.5 inches!! :) hooray!


Plodding on.......
Fantastic losses on the measurements. That's brilliant. And just fantastic losses so far in just 9 weeks. Wow.

Gail x


Plodding on.......
That's fantastic. I look forward to hearing about it :)

Gail x


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So, after being inspired by the 'my fish week' thread, I'm going to have a mini fishy week up till Thursday:)

Also going to really go for the superspeed foods like melon & strawberries.

I'm determined to get that 1.5 sticker on Thursday!

Today I had:
Breakfast- 2 weetabix (heb), mullerlight & 2 small chopped bananas mixed together.

Morning snack- velvet crunch (4 syns) & blood orange.

Lunch: tomato & herb batchelor's pot shot( free I think but need to check)

Dinner: mixed veg, oriental salmon, Cajun sw wedges.

Hea as milk in tea.

Will be having some sort of snack later, probably white options & marshmallows (3syns). Yummy:)


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Today I found the pair of jeans I wore just after my little girl was born, they were a size 20, I'm now a size 16. I'm quite shocked by the difference really!! I'll never throw that pair of jeans away, the represent a huge achievement to me:)

Today I tried the snack a jack crispy curls which were yummy and had another fishy dish- sweet chilli king prawn stir fry. Tomorrow it's a sweet chilli prawn salad.

Made a sw quiche last night and had that for lunch today with a big serving of strawberries for afters.

Shopping was done today and I really stocked up on my superspeed & speed foods. Strawberries, melons, yellow plums. Yum yum!


Silver Member
Weigh day!! And I've lost 2.5lb. That gets me my 1.5 st award, club 10 and sotw!!

Over the moon with my loss. I have put my all into it this week so I feel like I deserved it.

Off to pandora tomorrow for my reward!


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I got my reward, silver charm with turquoisey blue enamel butterflies on it, so pretty and in my favourite colour:)

Ordered the 30 day shred, bought 1.5kg hand weights, just waiting for it to arrive now. Also thinking of trying a zumba DVD and if I like it going to a class, we shall see!

Woke up this morning feeling a bit slimmer- always a good sign!

Today will consist on sorting mothers day cards/ flowers for mil and my mum and off to Costco to stock up on chicken, meat & fish.

So juicy sweet & sour tonight:)


Silver Member
Bought some shape ups today, v comfy, and definately improve my posture!

Today's tea was so juicy sweet & sour with Cajun wedges & superfree mixed veg. Tonights treat is a Freddo (5 syns) and White options (2) with some strawberries. Don't feel as though I've eaten enough today, been busy and just not been having my regular snacks like I do when I'm at work!


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I'm going to a wedding next Saturday and I'm already planning how to stay on plan. I'm going to try and go for the healthy options on the menu for the wedding breakfast (although this will be hard as it'll be a set menu), and salad (please let there be salad!! And cold meat, rice, veg crudités) for the evening buffet. I can see this being a challenge!! We are staying overnight with b&b so I'm going to have to hope for the best with that!

Great part is my outfit is already sorted, it's one I've shrunk back into:)

Got weigh in on thurs before we go on sat and I think my aim for after the wedding will be any loss:) and to enjoy my treat!


Silver Member
Time for an update!

My 30 day shred DVD arrived today, so I guess it's time to start it! Need to move DVD player downstairs and then I'm all set!

Weigh in tomorrow, not really sure how I've done but I've stayed on plan so fingers crossed!

Temptation resisting has been impressive this week- yesterday we had a lunchtime meeting and there was an array of yummy things- cookies, tyrells crisps, sandwiches, croissants with ham and cheese... I had my fruit salad I'd prepared that morning with my orange choc mullerlight!
Today a collegue offered me a mini pork pie & homemade cookies and again I resisted!

Go me!!

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