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Ministry of the bleedin obvious...

Some of you may be familiar with this feeling. Some of you may have more sophisticated or finely tuned ways of expressing it. ;) But I have to say -

I really really really need to lose weight!


I'm just so pi55ed off with being a heifer today. And it's only 10am! I have to be a heifer for the rest of the day still.

How do I do that? How do I get through this day knowing I'm huge and not bury my feelings in junk food..or any food for that matter??

Ugh! I'm so not positive today.
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This honey is one of the bumps in the road that this LT journey leads us on.

Just think, what do you want more: junk food or to be slim?

Ok, it will take time but you WILL get there!!

You DON'T need that junk food that will just make your LT journey longer - do you really want that?

Chin up babe xxxxx :)


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The way I get through this feeling is that I keep thinking that when I wake up tomorrow I will be less of a heifer than I am today. That way I can't wait to get through today :)

mrs bee

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Think how good you feel when you get off the scales and have had a loss!How great it is to be in the next size down of clothes!
I so need to follow my own advice lol.
You'll do it, food and lt are such an emotional thing I think!!
Think how good you feel when you get off the scales and have had a loss!How great it is to be in the next size down of clothes!
I so need to follow my own advice lol.
You'll do it, food and lt are such an emotional thing I think!!
You're right -you're all right. And it's not so much the cravings I'm struggling with so far today, it's just the mood. I'm in beat myself up mode which of course is only gonna hinder me.

And I've worked out that I still have a weeks worth of shakes left so still no official WI, which is annoying me too. I think I'm just gonna go to the pharmacist anyway because my own steam doesn't seem to be pushing me along as effectively I think. I need that fear of being caught out ya know?

Tomorrow I'll be less of a heifer than I am today!!! Gotta keep movin...

Thanks everybody!!
Hi Blackrose

I think you've really nailed on the head for me what triggered my tremendous fall (leap) off the wagon on Friday; although i was pleased with my W1 loss i think underneath I allowed it to re-enforce "heifer voice" and then I wanted food to drown out that voice.

I know now that next time I hear that voice I have to really fight to find other ways to shut it up :)
I know that feeling all too well. Although I'm ecstatic with my weight loss so far I think I'll still feel heifer like for a fair while yet.

It's a long hard slog this LT journey, sometimes. But, as I have said to friends - these few weeks/months (however long you're doing it for) are really nothing compared to the rest of your life being slimmer, feeling more confident and most importantly being SO much healthier.

As much as I'd love to get into a size 14 (i can hardly dare dreaming of being smaller!) i also want to know that i'm healthy for any future children i might have, i want to lessen my risk of becoming diabetic, having heart disease and strokes. There are SO many reasons to stick with this - being slim's the obvious one but that in itself brings so many benefits.

The only downside is the amount of shopping i'll want to do when i do reach my goal :8855:


Slowly but surely!
I have so many days when I feel like this and I think the reason I got so big was because I ate to make myself feel good and its hard I can no longer do it. But I also have days where I look in the mirror and do not recognise myself anymore and I feel great! Take the bad with the good hun because the further down the line we get the more good days there will be :) x


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Blackrose, Just one day at a time. The reality is that you didn't put on the weight in one day so you can't expect to lose it.

From my own point of view - just 7 weeks ago I felt the same - now I am feeling great. Anxious about a refeed in a week and a half but determined not to put it back on again.

Hi Rose . I think this is what I went through yesterday (Feeling fed up ,so much more to loose ,want to be slim now !!!!) but today woke up in a much better frame of mind . tried on a pair of 16 jeans that hadnt fit for ages and the tied up no problem . that has kept me sane today. What I am trying to say is weather the storm today and dont pick because tomorrow can be a completely different day . I also got my TOTM today which could have been the reason I was so cranky yesterday. I feel remotivated today and looking forward to my WI on saturday.:D:D:D
Thank you thank you thank you to everyone. You're all 100% spot on.

Gots to try harder on cheering myself up and believing that LT is gonna get me to where I want to be. :D