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OK I am feeling inspired to keep a food diary after reading everybody else's. Also I ran out of diary sheets this week and I think I have probably gone over my allowance each day.

I am doing EE because I like my meat and carbs together. I thought it would also be useful when I am further down my weight loss journey to keep me on the straight and narrow!! So here goes. :)

BREAKFAST: 2 x Weetabix, Skimmed Milk, Banana

LUNCH: Skinless chicken leg, ham and 2 x hard boiled eggs, shape yog.

DINNER: Lean Pork Chop, mashed pots, peas, carrots & sweetcorn, gravy, mullerlight.

SNACKS: Pear, apple, alpen,

Hxa: Skimmed Milk
Hxb: 2 x Weetabix

Syns: Low fat Spread 3
Gravy 3
Alpen 3

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Well its WI tomorrow morning so I have tried to reign in the syns today - probably a bit too late!

BREAKFAST: 2 x Weetabix, Skimmed Milk & Banana

LUNCH: 2 x Potato cakes fried in FryLight, 4 x Lean Bacon 2 x Grilled Toms

DINNER: Baked Pot, 1 x BGTY Mackeral Strip, 1 x Babybel Light, Spread & Baked Beans

SNACKS: Apple, Mugshot, Alpen Bar, 2 x Mullerlight

Hxa: Skimmed Milk
Hxb: 2 x Weetabix


Mackeral Strip 1
Alpen Bar 3
Babybel Light 2
Spread 2

How did you get on at weight in Hun???
Hi Mrs V,

It was disastrous - I put on 2lb and I feel absolutely gutted. I knew that because I hadn't been writing my food down it would backfire! I am also hormonal so maybe that may have a bit to do with it as well. I am trying to think positively and from now on I will write everything down in my food diary and also carry my paper copy around with me during the day so that I don't forget to add anything.

I must try to use this to my advantage and not get too hung up about it.

Ok I had a dreadful weigh in - I put on 2lb. It wasn't unexpected really, I hadn't been writing my food down and I know that I lie to myself and forget the odd syn here and there! So I have spoken to my Consultant and I am going to stick to no more than 10 syns a day and get walking more.

So here my food diary today:

BREAKFAST: Mullerlight, Banana

LUNCH: Bacon medallions x 3, BabyBel Light x 2, 2 x WM Bread, 1 x tsp spread.

DINNER: Homemade Spag Bol, 1 x Tbsp Parmesan

SNACKS: Apple and Choc Hightlight

Hxa: 2 x BabyBel Light
Hxb: 2 x Wholemeal Bread


Low Fat Spread 1
Dashes of Milk 1.5
Splenda Brown 1.5
Parmesan 1.5
Highlight 2

TOTAL: 7.5
Hi there, unfortunately Splenda Brown Sugar Blend does have syns because it does actually have some real sugar in there - its 0.5 for tsp, but I prefer the flavour than sweetners.

Well not a bad day - had a breakfast meeting first thing but I made sure I had brekkie before I left for the meeting. I managed to ignore croissants and pain du chocolat and even the yogurts were six syns each!! I still had my consultant saying "2lb's on" ringing in my ears from yesterday!! :cry:

So here's todays food and I must admit I could do with another glass of wine but I shan't.

BREAKFAST: Weetabix x 2, Skimmed milk & Banana

LUNCH: Tuna Pasta Salad,

DINNER: Roasted Skinless Chicken Thighs x 3, Baked Pot & mixed veg.

SNACKS: Grapes, apple, Highlight & 2 x White Wine

HxA: Skimmed Milk
HxB: Weetabix


Extra Light Mayo 0.5
Spread 1.5
Wine 8
Hightlight 2


An odd day today - ended up in Nando's for lunch and it didn't make the best choice, so a little annoyed with myself.

BREAKFAST: Mullerlight

LUNCH: Nando's Chicken Breast, Pitta, Spicy Rice

DINNER: Baked Pot, Ham & Baked Beans, Spread


HxA: Skimmed Milk

SYNS: Pitta 5
Nando's Chicken Breast 6
Low fat spread 1.5

TOTAL 12.5
Wow I don't know where the days have gone. So here is one long post of my intake since Sunday. I haven't been particularly but then I haven't been particularly bad!! The problem is that I can't be bothered to write things down and it just adds up really badly over the day!! I don't think I have lost any weight this week but god I will be gutted if I put on again this week!! :sigh:


BREAKFAST: Weetabix (hxb), Milk (hxa), banana

LUNCH: Baked Pot, tinned tuna, mayo, spread.

DINNER: Chinese Takeaway

SNACKS: Mullerlight, Alpen Bar

Spread 3
Mayo 2.5
Alpen Bar 3
Chinese 15

TOTAL: 23.5


BREAKFAST: Weetabix (hxb), Milk (hxa) & Banana

LUNCH: Mugshot, Banana & Shape Yog

DINNER: Roast chicken, mash pots, carrots, peas, cabbage & gravy.

SNACKS: Highlights & Alpen


Highlight 2
Spread 2
Gravy 3
Alpen Bar 3



BREAKFAST: 2 x WM Toast (hxb) 2 x Laughing Cow (hxa), spread & marmite

LUNCH: Baked Pot, tinned tuna, spread, mayo & yogurt

DINNER: Pasta, Lloyd Grosman's puttanesca sauce, bacon, mushrooms & parmesan

SNACKS: Alpen Bar


Spread 3
Mayo 2.5
Alpen Bar 3
Puttanesca Sauce 4

TOTAL: 12.5


BREAKFAST: Weetabix (hxb), milk (hxa), banana

LUNCH: Rice & Tadka Dahl

DINNER: Rice, chicken, bacon, peas, chilli, soy sauce & mullerlight

SNACKS: Apple & Highlight


Tarka Dahl 3
Highlight 3

TOTAL: 6 :):eek::)
Weigh Day today - really good meeting and I lost 2.5lb so over the moon that I've lost what I put on last week and an extra 0.5lb on top - yay!

Anyway had a hectic day after weigh in - Dad's in hospital having his appendix out so I was rushing about grabbing food where I could!


BREAKFAST: Alpen Bar (HxB), Options, Milk (HxA)

LUNCH: Baked Pot, Baked Beans, Salad, Butter & Salad Cream

DINNER: Tesco Small Sushi


Options 2
Butter 3
Salad Cream 1.5
Sushi 2.5

I've had a very good day - and I've even resisted the wine in the evening - probably won't be able to Saturday evening though. Here's the food diary:


BREAKFAST: Toast x 2 (HxB), Laughing Cow x 2, Spread and Marmite

LUNCH: Sushi & Apple

DINNER: Ham, Poached Eggs x 2, Beans and SW Wedges

SNACKS: Mugshot, Options & Highlight, Milk (HxA)


Laughing Cow x 2 3
Sushi 2.5
Options 2
Highlights 2

TOTAL: 9.5
Thanks Sarah Jayne but it all went terribly wrong yesterday!!! When I drink I tend to eat things that I shouldn't - on the upside I probably on ate half the doner and chips. So here goes, I lost my way big time!!


BREAKFAST: Toast (HxB), Spread, Marmite and 2 x Laughing Cow Lights (HxA)

LUNCH: Sushi & coconut cake

DINNER: Doner Kebab & Chips

SNACKS 3 x Pints of Lagers


Sushi 2
Doner Kebab ?????
3 x Pints Lager ?????
Dashes of Milk 1.5
Chips ?????

TOTAL: Way too many!!!
Right I have tried to right the damage that I did yesterday - but I was craving all the bad foods today (slightly hungover!!) so it was a constant battle. Generally a good day though.


BREAKFAST: 2 x Toast (HxB), Spread, Marmite, 2 x Laughing Cows (HxA) and Banana

LUNCH: Baked Pot, Baked Beans, Butter, Salad and Salad Cream

DINNER: Roast Lamb, SW Roast Pots, Peas, Leeks, Carrots, Broad Beans, Gravy and Mullerlight


Salad Cream 1.5
Butter 3
Dashes of Milk 1.5
Gravy 3
Spread 1
Highlights 2

Not a bad day - trying to behave myself! I'm feeling really nervous about my weigh in on Wednesday. Because I'm moving from a morning weigh in to an evening meeting I know that I'm going to be heavier. I just have to bite the bullet and get on with it. Here's today meals:


BREAKFAST: 2 x Toast (HxB), Spread, Marmite and 2 x Laughing Cow (HxA)

LUNCH: Baked Potato, Tuna, Laughing Cow x 2 (HxA), Mayo, Spread, Mullerlight & Banana

DINNER: Homemade Lamb Curry, rice & mullerlight

SNACKS: 2 x apples, alpen & highlight


Spread 2
Mayo 2
Alpen 3
Highlight 2

Well I have been really busy so I need to catch up with my food diary. I'm feeling pretty low at the moment - I moved from a Thursday morning weigh in to the Wednesday evening weigh in and put on 1.5lb. I was prepared for it but it still made feel bad because I had been pretty good for the week!


BREAKFAST: 2 x Toast (HxB), 2 x Laughing Cow (HxA), Spread and Marmite

LUNCH: Baked Pot, Baked Beans, 2 x Babybel Light & mullerlight

DINNER: Baked Salmon, stir fry veg & rice, mullerlight.

SNACKS: Highlight & alpen bar, apple & pear


Dashes of milk 2
Babybel Light 4
Alpen bar 3
Highlight 2



BREAKFAST: 2 x Weetabix (HxB), Skimmed Milk (HxA) & Banana

LUNCH: Super Noodle Light (YUK!!!) & Mullerlight

DINNER: Went out for dinner - Mixed seafood starter and steak and chips for main course - all washed down with a few ciders!!! Can't be bothered to syn this!

SNACKS: 2 x apple & pear

SYNS: Obviously went over having been out for dinner. Shall try and walk more this week to overcome this!! :sigh:
Hi, still not feeling very inspired at the moment and desperately want to munch on everything. I'm sure this feeling will pass soon. I have just got to try and ignore the urges!!!! I seemed to have quite a cheesy day today!?!


BREAKFAST: 2 x Wholemeal Toast (HxB), 2 x Light Laughing Cows (HxA), Spread & Marmite

LUNCH: Ainsley Harriott Tangy Tomato Couscous, Veg Chilli, Low Fat Cheddar & Mullerlight

DINNER: Homemade Spag Bol & Parmesan

SNACK: Banana & Pear


Low Fat Cheddar 4
Parmesan 1.5
Dashes of Milk 2
Tangy Tom Couscous 0.5

Hi ya, well the day started well and then in the evening popped to a friends and ended up having a few glasses of wine and not having a proper dinner. Not feeling very proud of myself now and I've got a headache!!! :cry:

Friday 20th November

BREAKFAST: 2 x Boiled Eggs, 3 x Ham, 1 x Toast (HxB) & Spread

LUNCH: Ainsley Harriot Spicy Couscous & Shredded Chicken.

DINNER: 3 x Krisproll & 2 x Laughing Cow Lights


Alen Bar & Hazelnut Option


Spread 1
Couscous 0.5
Krisproll 6
Laughing Cow 3
Alpen Bar 3
Option 2
Wine !!!! 20 !!!

TOTAL: 35.5 !!!!!
Right some damage limitation in place today. I haven't done too badly but really didn't want to have any syns today - but I have!!

Definitely going for a long walk tomorrow and try to move more!!

Saturday 21st November

BREAKFAST: 2 x Poached Eggs, 1 x Toast (HxB) & Spread

LUNCH: Baked Pot & Baked Beans

DINNER: Homemade Chilli, Rice, Sour Cream & Mullerlight


Spread 2
M&S Tex Mex Paste 3
Sour Cream 2


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