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Miss J's refeed Diary

Day 1 Sunday 14th June
Breakfast: Cup of coffee and Lipotrim Vanilla shake with coffee and ice
Lunch: Lipotrim Vanilla shake with coffee and ice
Dinner: 1 Smoked Haddock fillet steamed with onions, garlic, chilli, black pepper and basil with a small bowl of salad with balsamic– didn’t finish fish.
Drinks: 3ltrs water, 3 Defcaf coffee
Exercise: 1hr pole dancing class

Day 2 – Monday 15th June
Breakfast: Cup of coffee and Lipotrim Vanilla shake with coffee and ice
Lunch: Small bowl of salad with 1 tin of tuna
Dinner: 5oz Seabass (seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, ceyanne pepper drizzle of balsamic and lemon juice), small bowl of salad with balsamic
3ltrs water 6 defcaf coffee
Exercise: 30mins body pump and 5k run

Day 3 – Tuesday 16th June
Breakfast: Cup of coffee and Lipotrim Vanilla shake with coffee and ice
Lunch: Small bowl of salad with 2 Quorn sausages
Dinner: Smoked haddock fillet (bought uncooked and seasoned with garlic, cumin powder, parsley, cayenne pepper drizzle of balsamic and juice of juice of ½ lemon) - cooked on health grill , 8 oz sweet potato mixed with fromage frais & basil 3 broccoli heads and 2 tablespoons of peas.
Drinks: 3ltrs water 4 defcaf coffee 1 rooibos tea

Day 4 – Wednesday 17th June
Breakfast: Lipotrim Vanilla shake with coffee and ice. Clementine
Lunch: 2 slices of WW malt bread with tin of tuna fromage frais, 1/8 green pepper, garlic powder, basil and pepper.
Drinks: 3 ltr water, 2 coffee, 1 tea with soya milk
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Ackee and 6oz Salt Fish with 4 oz Brown Rice
Snack: Soya Yogurt
Exercise: 5k run (38mins) followed by 15mins( 5mins incline 10 @6.8km/hr – 5mins incline [email protected] 6km/hr - 5mins incline 10 @6.8km/hr –) 45 mins body pump

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Refeed Menu

Your menu looks fab missJ . well done on all the exercise as well !!!. If you keep going like that refeed wont be a problem to you.
It's all tasted yummy! Absolutely loving eating again! I do feel like I'm eating too much...the sandwich really filled me up. I've just had an apple which really wasn't necessary as I wasn't actually hungry but just excited that I COULD have it! I'm working from home today so I'm going to do my run before body pump. When I say run it's more like walk - jog-walk-jog...it still take me about 40mins to do 5k...once upon a time I used to be be able to do it in 30mins...

Are we allowed diet drinks? I'm ok with water but I think I need to cut down on the coffee and maybe go but to sugar-free cordial which I love... Would it cont as part of my fluid intake?.
...although I'm a lil concerned that on day 3 most people aren't able to eat the 8oz of potato - t wasn't a problem for me:17729: I hoping it's because it was sweet potato which is alot lighter and has less carbs than reg potato... the scales will tell on Saturday I guess...


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Yeah diet drinks are allowed now :)

Your menu looks great - how is it all tasting? x
Tanya,it's all tasting fabulous :) I'm really looking forward to cooking dinner tonight...I was having cravings for it whilst on tfr...I'm not sure why since I've eating it twice in my life - lol! I was telling my Mum last week that I was going to try and make it and the mean woman who has never eaten it before in her life, looked for a recipe online and made it last weekend and arrived at their place just in time to see them eating it - lol! I'm obviously going to make it without all the oil...I'm going to use frylite. Not sure if we're allowed frylite...I've seen some have used it and at 1 cal a spray I can't see it doing any damage!

Right, I going to get ready for the gym - the joys of working from home!


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You seem to be doing really well. I didn't have trouble finishing anything either. Although later on I felt as though I'd eaten too much! Keep up the good work xx
Wow MissJ you are doing fantastic on the exercise. I managed 20 sit ups today....helped by the fact I was already lying on the floor anyway :ashamed0005:.
Your meals sound yum too hun. Well if we are able to use fat free mayo then fat free FryLite should be ok.....Cant do much harm I would think.

Ya diet drinks all good from day 1 :)


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Were not allowed frylite on refeed though are we?
I used a little on the second week, but not 100% sure if its allowed, I just moistened the chicken with it before George Forman grilling it.


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Ah okies :) for 1 calorie though i am sure it wont do much damage!
Day 5 – Thursday 18th June

Breakfast: Lipotrim Strawberry shake with ice
Lunch: 2 slices of WW malt bread with quark, smoked salmon, basil, cucumber, 3 cherry tomatoes, 1 carrot. .
Snack: Apple
Dinner – Ackee and 3oz Salt Fish with 4 oz Brown Rice - could be bothered to cook again so just ate leftovers
Snack: Yoghurt, clementine
Exercise: 10mins on cross trainer, 45min Step class
Drinks: 3ltrs water 4 coffee (2 with soya milk)
With regard to the exercise - I've just got so much more energy now I'm eating...I don't know how I managed yesterday though - I surprised myself! I'm even more surprised that I'm not in major pain today...I'm sure it'll come tomorrow! I think tomorrow will be my day off. I think the fear of putting on weight whilst eating is what's driving me to up the exercise! Just need to make sure I not get obsessive about!

I love Flylite...I discovered it years go when I did slimming world.

I have to say, I really enjoyed my sandwich today...I'm having it again tomorrow for lunch! I used to hate Quark but today it just tasted like regular cream cheese but it's virtually fat free

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You're doing great! I always hated quark but maybe I'll try it again now - just to see.

Keep up the good work. x
Day 6 – Friday 19th June

Breakfast: Lipotrim Peanut Flapjack
Lunch: 2 slices of WW malt bread with quark smoked salmon, basil, cucumber, 3 cherry tomatoes, 1 carrot. .
Snack: Apple, plum, Clementine, yogurt
King Prawns seasoned with garlic basil, chilli + leftover Ackee and Salt Fish with 4 oz Brown Rice
Drinks: 3ltrs water 4 coffee (2 with soya milk) + white tea
Day off the exercise!:snoopyhouse:


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It's a fat free soft cheese. SW recommend it instead of philadelphia but that's a bit like saying you can have eat the sole off your shoe instead of chocolate. Or it WAS - I'm going to give it another go now as I've said. It's usually with the low fat cheeses in the supermarkets. xx

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