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Miss slinky

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by mrs big b, 9 November 2011 Social URL.

  1. mrs big b

    mrs big b Well-Known Member

    Our group is running this next week . Who's putting themselves forward for it ?
    I'd like to although I know I have no chance . Went out today tried on loads of dresses had fun but came home empty handed can't quite get my head around how different I look nowadays . Someone at my group said last night I should wear something more fitted show off my new shape but I'm more comfortable in a long top that covers all lol . Well I might just go back out again Friday and buy something. It's only a bit of fun after all :)
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  3. julieellen

    julieellen Well-Known Member

    Hi I live in jeans and cover all tops and because I'm on the short side I never feel comfortable in a dress but maybe oneday when I lose all this weight I would like to wear something more fitted myself, slinky I don't know it would probably show all my lumps and bumps which at the moment are many. I'm doing something about my weight but maybe I need to be stretched as well lol.
  4. mrsthunderbolt

    mrsthunderbolt Well-Known Member

    I thought Miss Slinky was done by nominations (you could vote for yourself of course!).

    I know where you are coming from with the new shape, sadly mine is nowhere near where I want it to be yet.

    Your losses are fantastic by the way!
  5. Bunnylush

    Bunnylush Well-Known Member

    We all voted for someone today,not for ourselves. Although we're a tiny group :(
  6. Bunnylush

    Bunnylush Well-Known Member

    My Con didn't really explain very well, do we have to dress up? I'm confused :(
  7. Bunnylush

    Bunnylush Well-Known Member

    I'm more confused after googling, are we voting for miss slinky 2012? As someone's already the winner of 2011? Confused.blonde! Lol x
  8. LittleFlutterby

    LittleFlutterby Fluffy lil flutterby :)

    I think it's because the finals are the next year....thats why there's already a 2011....but you're voting for this year...or next year...whatever lol.

    You get nominated- like WOTY, apparently. So you don't have to nominate yourself....or we don't in ours anyway.

    And ANYONE can win it- if you have grown in confidence and *feel* better because of the weight you've lost then you are in the running. It's not all about size.

    So- do you feel more confident? Do you feel better for losing the weight that you have? If so- why don't you have a chance?
  9. mrs big b

    mrs big b Well-Known Member

    All our c said was to wear a dress they'll take a photo & said it off . No mention of nominations ??? Oh well I may just do it . I do feel sooo much better and I suppose more confident actually a lot more :) I'm gonna treat myself to a dress . You never know hubby might like me in it and offer to take me out wearing it as well ;) I think my main issue is my stomach . I have skin just hanging there no matter what size I get think it will always be there . Its housed my 6 sons though so I will learn to love it because it's given me the most precious thing in my life's . And I've had big babies lol ranging from 8Lb 3 to 10.10!!!! So it has had to stretch lol
  10. mrs big b

    mrs big b Well-Known Member

    Oh and meant to say hope some of you get through you've all done amazingly well :D
  11. lucylupin

    lucylupin Well-Known Member

    We nominated who would like to win it this week and then next week we will have a vote on the names which were nominated (hope that makes sense)
    i was one of those which were picked :)
  12. Hannahkw1

    Hannahkw1 Well-Known Member

    If your stomach is the bit you dont like, wear big knickers under the dress - they will flatten you out!! Everyone should own them theyre AMAZING!!!!
  13. Addibelle

    Addibelle A happy downward spiral

    I got nominated. One of 3 in my group although im not slinky at all.
    Have to fill out a questionnaire and then next week we will vote.
    Not sure I like the having to have a vote and their being winners and losers.

    Although I suppose I am a winner BECAUSE Im a loser hehehe.
  14. *EB*

    *EB* Well-Known Member

    we are voting in our class next week, but nobody was nominated, so our C said she is going to choose who is up for it......!!?!?!?
  15. mrs big b

    mrs big b Well-Known Member

    Off out to buy a dress for Tuesday :)
  16. LuceB84

    LuceB84 Member

    I've been nominated for this but kinda confused as my C said I had to take before and after photos to group next week, but didn't mention anything about wearing a dress or having photos took at group. Do u think I should wear a dress or not?!
  17. Geemav

    Geemav Well-Known Member

    I am confused too......my consultant says I've been nominated, and when I asked what I needed to do, she texted ' wear a little black dress if you like' and when I asked if anyone else was, because I'd feel an idiot if I was the only one, she said she wasn't sure, but wear what I like......what normally happens at other groups?
  18. LittleFlutterby

    LittleFlutterby Fluffy lil flutterby :)

    Keep it simple- why not take a dress with you, and get changed if others are wearing one? Surely you've got a loo there?

    That's what i'd do anyway
  19. Geemav

    Geemav Well-Known Member

    That's a good idea.....but have thought about it, and have realised with my sad little life, I probably won't get chance to wear a dress for the rest of this year, so have decided to go for it!
    Life's too short.... ;)
  20. LittleFlutterby

    LittleFlutterby Fluffy lil flutterby :)

    I don't even own a dress that fits....and I can't afford to get a new one, so i guess i'm S.O.L

    I just hope I don't get nominated, doubt I will anyways, more ladies moe deserving than me *shrugs*
  21. lilprincessvic

    lilprincessvic Well-Known Member

    I am now confused, I have been nominated for miss Slinky, My C text me on Tuesday but she didnt say I needed to do anything? I thought it was just a fun in group thing i didnt know there were nationals or owt!!!

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