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miss williams's food diary

Day 1 New Start EE

B) 1 Banana & 1 Apple

L) Salad & red onion, king prawns 1tbsp sweet chilli sauce (2syns)

Munchies) 2 slices w/meal 400g loaf 1tbsp light butter (1.5 syns)
1 tin of spaghetti hoops

D) Chicken Breast stuffed with G&H cream cheese 3 tbsp(6syns) wrapped in bacon, cauliflower and broccoli and roast potatoes

(for pudding Sugar free jelly (1.5syns) with grapes and Strawberry mullerlight)

Drinks 1L NAS squash. Hot chocolate (2syns) (HEA 250mls s.s milk)

Exercise 3.67 miles walking. 210 calories burnt.

7.5 syns
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Day 2 EE

B) HEA 250mls s.s milk, 2xbananas, 2x mullerlights

L) Egg & Cress Sandwich HEB 2xtbsps ELM (1syn)
Drink Pepsi Max + 1 25ml shot Vodka (2.5syns)

D) Home made meatballs (extra lean mince) in passata finely chopped onion celery and carrot with tagiletelle

Pudding ~ Banana, 100g extra light custard (5syns) 20g light squirty cream (2syns) 1/2 chocolate options (1syn)
Snacks ~ Grapes, Celery,Banana
Drink ~ 1L NAS Squash,1 hot chocolate (2syns)

Exercise 2.3miles covered. 135 calories burnt

13.5 syns
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Day 3 EE

B) 3 slices of bacon (fat removed), baked beans, 2 fried eggs, 2 quorn sausages, 2 slices w/meal toast HEB

L) 2x banana's, 2x mullerlights 250mls s.s milk HEA = Smoothie

D) Bacon, Mushroom, Tagiletelle 90g EL cream cheese (6syns) & Potato Wedges

Pudding ~ Banana, mullerlight, 20g EL squirty cream (2syns)

Snacks ~ Seafood sticks, tin of spaghetti

Drinks ~ 1L NAS Squash, 1 Hot Chocolate (2syns) & 10g EL Squirty Cream (1syn)

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Day 4 EE

B) 1x Banana, 2x mullerlights, 250mls s.s milk HEA

L) 2x slices w/meal (400g), ham, salad, 1 tbsp ELM 0.5

D) SW Chicken Curry & Rice

Snacks~ Seafood Sticks, yoghurt
Drinks~ 2L's NAS Squash
Syns~ 5 cocktail sausages = 6syns, 5 chocolate buttons = 1.5syns
milky way = 5syns, 2x HC's = 4syns


Exercise 3.20 miles covered, 183 calories burnt.
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Day 5 EE

B) 2x banana's, 2 x mullerlights, 250mls s.s milk HEA

L) Potato Wedges, 2 tbsps ELM (1syn)

D) Lamb shanks, New Potatoes, Green Beans, Gravy (1syn)

Snacks - Pineapple, apple, SAJ (2.5syns), Bacon Sandwich HEB 1tbsp Ketchup (1syn)
Drinks - 1L NAS Squash, HC (2syns)

25 Milkado (12.5syns)

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Day 6 EE

B) 2x banana's, 2x mullerlights, 250mls s.s milk HEA

L) 3 small Jacket Potatoes, Prawns, salad, red onion

D) Chicken,Onion, R&G Pepper Kebabs & Potato Wedges, 2 tbsps ELM (1syn)

Pudding ~ 2 cookies (10syns) 2 scoops vanilla ice-cream (11syns), 1 mini flake(?) 1tbsp toffee sauce (2syns)
Snacks ~ 2 slices w/meal HEB 1 tbsp Jam (1syn)

Drinks~ 1L NAS Squash

25 syns

Exercise ~ Miles Covered 3.13, Calories Burnt 179.3
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How do you know 5 chocolate buttons are 1.5 syns?

I am in need of some chocolate! lol
guessing tbh a small bag is 6 syns I think & my son is very good at sharing x
Day 7 EE Weigh In Day

B) Mullerlight, 1 tbsp jam (1syn)

L) Tomato Pasta & 28g cheese (HEA)

D) SW Spaghetti Bolognese, passata, onion, mushroom, courgette, garlic, carrot.

Syns~ Pom Bears (5sysn), Fudge (5syns) Garlic Bread (35syns)
Ice Cream (11syns), 2 slices Cake 120g (15syns), 9 Profiteroles (22.5syns)

Total = 94.5 syns

Exercise ~ 5.7miles covered, 328 calories burnt, 12,154 steps.
Week 2 Day 1 EE

B) 2 slices w/m (HEB) 1tbsp jam (1syn)

L) Home made Coleslaw Carrot, Onion, White Cabbage, Fromage Frais, Jacket Potato, 2tbsps ELM (1syn)

D) Mediterranean Salmon and Prawns, R&Y Pepper, Onion, Herbs,

Drinks 1L Pepsi Max, Double HC (2syns) 250mls s.s milk (HEA)
Snacks ~ Spaghetti, half a Beuno (6syns) 1 vodka shot (2.5syns)

Exercise ~ 1.4miles, 76 calories burnt.

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Congratulations on your loss :) When reading the first few posts I was going to say to watch your syns, but looks like you still got a loss! Think the exercise is really helping too!
Thank you, I know I'm meant to syn the banana's in my morning smoothie but I don't eat again till lunch unless I snack mid morning on fruit.
I'm semi training for my RFL in June so getting plenty of walking in before hand x
Week 2 Day 2 EE

B) 2 banana's, 2 mullerlights, 250mls s.s milk (HEA)

L) 2 slices W/M (HEB) ham, salad, 1 tbsp ELM (0.5syns)


Syns ~ 56g chocolate raisins (12syns), 2 foam banana's (2syns), 2 chewy fruits (2syns), 1 bit of fudge (2.5syns).

Day went terrible
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Week 2 Day 4 EE

B) 250mls semi skimmed milk (HEA), 2 banana's, 2 mullerlights

L) Jacket Potato & Prawn Cocktail (5syns)

D) Chilli Con Carne, Jacket Potato, Fromage Frais

Snacks ~ SAJ (2.5syns), mullerlight, 1tbsp jam (1syn)
Syns ~ 8.5syns
Exercise ~ 2.2miles, 130 calories burnt
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Week 2 Day 5 EE

B) 2 slices w/m (HEB), 2 fried eggs

L) Pasta, Prawns & Salad 1tbsp seafood sauce (1 syn)

D) Chicken Supreme (4syns) made with 200mls ss milk (HEA), Bacon, Mushroom,Onion & Pasta

Snacks~ SAJ (2.5syns), 3x HC (6syns)
Exercise~ 2.3miles, 136 calories burnt
Syns~ 13.5 syns
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Week 2 Day 6 EE

B) 2 fried eggs, 2 slices w/m (HEB) 1 tbsp ketchup (1syn)

L) Prawns, salad, cucumber, beetroot, potato wedges, 1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce (2 syns)

D) Gammon, Spaghetti & Chips

Snacks ~ Pineapple, Strawberries, 2 x layer mullerlights (3syns) 2x HC (4syns) Alpen Light (3syns)
Exercise ~0.5 miles, 30 calories burnt
Syns ~ 13 syns
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Week 2 Day 7 EE




Exercise ~
Syns ~

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