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Missed shake!!?! Oops!!


Yday I missed my last shake! (Due to an argument with my BF and going to bed early without having my last shake!!)

I did one hours running and one hour of a workout dvd (toning) last night too!

I feel fine today, but just wondering what the effects are of missing shakes?

Does it make your body go into starvation mode? I am going to have all three as normal today and going forward, just wondering if yday could affect next weeks WI?

Any ideas on this?

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I think that as long as you dont make a habit of it ie every week or so then you should be ok.
I agree, so long as it's just a one off then you should be ok. I've actually done it twice myself over the last few weeks, no effect on weigh in thankfully.
Hope you made things up with your BF :)
Did you always do so much exercise before Lipotrim? Just be careful, too much cardio could send you in to starvation mode.


No longer a redhead though!
A couple of times over the last week or so I have run out of time to have my last shake. I was hoping that I could stick to having my vanilla shake in the morning for breakfast, then a chicken one at work for lunch and my last chocolate one in the evening.

What has naturally happened for me is that I have the vanilla one around 11am at work, drink water the rest of the day and when I get home around 5.30 - 6pm I am really looking forward to the chicken soup, and then anytime between 9pm and 11pm I have my hot chocolate.

It's been when I've had a very late night at work, or a meeting that I've ended up having my chicken soup far too late and then I'm tired and have gone to bed.

Doesn't seem to have made a difference in my weight loss - but then again how on earth would I know what it would have been if this hadn't happened. So, I decided to just be happy with the 1stone and 3lbs I've lost in the four weeks.

Hope this helps Lisa x

p.s. One of the upsides to it is having more choice when buying my next weeks shakes cos I know I have three in reserve, so now if I fancy soup twice in the day(instead of van/chick/choc have van/chick/chick) I can, and still have one the next. Win win for me.
Thanks for posting this, I missed my last shake last night as well, but because I was so tired and headachey. I was worried that it would mess up the diet. Thanks for reassuring me that I'm still on track. Hope you've sorted it out with your BF.
I am guilty of this quite often - not because I do it intentionally, just get home from work and keep so busy I forget.

I have found on the weeks where I have done this my losses haven't been as great - although I have still lost.

My pharmacist has chastised me for it and I understand that the 3 shakes give us the bare minimum our bodies require.

So, one off, won't hurt but don't do it regularly!! x
Must have been somethin in the air last night, I missed mine last night as well!!:confused:

But on the plus got weighed in today (2nd time), down 8lbs! thats 18 in 2 weeks :)
Must have been somethin in the air last night, I missed mine last night as well!!:confused:

But on the plus got weighed in today (2nd time), down 8lbs! thats 18 in 2 weeks :)
I don't think it effects weight loss- some days I could easily go without , but be carefull as you won't get all the nutrients needed and that can be bad for your health as you are not getting any nutrients from the food - although it is easy to forget sometimes . Good luck with your weigh in

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