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Missing the Short and Gorgeous one.

what happened yesterday..? I didn't come on here for that long yesterday either..:S
hope she is kk
She had a bit of a bad day, thought she had a bit of dehydration. She only had a glass of water all day and she thought the some sort of infection. I'm sure she is OK, I hope she is OK, and if you read this Short and Gorgeous, get back on here we all miss you.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
awwww xxxx
I am so so so so so sorry I worried you all :(

I was feeling really poorly the last few days, it was my own fault I think :(
My water intake has been so low and I got all weak and whoozy.. no blips .. I could never cheat on you lot :( was actually the opposite I couldnt bring myself to finsh my space food packs, the last two days I think I missed one whole pack, and only managed half of the others.. no bars either :( just couldnt face them, so only on liquid.

I have slept most of the weekend :( snoring away :D

feeling so much brighter today.. the tall one has been bringing me bottle of water constantly and nagging me to drink.

I think because I have a small infection, plus me managing to dehydrate myself .. I had managed to run my body into the ground and it decided to give up. I was a little worried :(

Just makes sure we all take our H2O! I don't want any one of you lovely lot going through anything similar xx

I missed you.. and am slowly working my way through all your posts .. hated being away from it :D


is slowly shrinking
just goes to show how important this group is, and how much people care. i could of easily gone off track today, but i thought of u guys and how i would have to bury my head, this kept me on track and was pleased to honk.
know what u mean tho, i go bed at 8 some nights feel so shattered.


Are We There Yet?
This forum is like having the most amazing consultant or diet buddy :)

I was drinking less water than I should earlier this week, because of sorting the shop. I feel a lot better since remedying it :) I think I have drank a rivers worth today lol....what a hot day,

So pleased you are feeling better now shorty. It is nice when all the team are around and accounted for lol

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Its true hehehe I am really lucky as I am finding I don't seem tempted or hungry or the need to dribble and drool over food I make for others now.. but it is my little dieting family here that is always at the back of my mind should I ever have an urge to stick my finer into the cake icing heheh xx


Are We There Yet?
lol!! The pink team has made me doubly determined!....damn you Mark lol

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Thanks Isis xxx I am like a little mother hen when I am active worrying about everyone heheh it is true its nice to be catching up with you all and knowing everyone is well xx

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
heheh I missed being around you lot as well Mandy :D

i am sat on the bed being told to rest with mountains of empty water bottles around me :D

and a sloshing tummy... trying to convince the Tall one I shouldn't over drink water as much as I shouldnt under drink it .. is hard work :D

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
This is true the forum Daddy is absent!!

we need to stop going AWOL hehe


reaching my goal
welcome back shorty , glad you are ok and keep you water intake up we dont want to lose you again:hug99:

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