mixed seeds


I STILL mean it!
Warning!! I had a 100g packet of mixed seeds as a snack, with raisins last night. This morning, I looked at the packet WELL....the seeds were 641 cals, and the raisins (approx) 400 cals. I really didn't know I was consuming all those calories!!!!
Oh yes you have to be careful!! I ate some macademia and cranberries and there were 1000 calories in the pack.

Saying that did you hear the doctor at the conference saying that most of the calories in nuts were not actually absorbed by the body ???

That's interesting Mike .... and a bit comforting too as nuts, seeds and such are my favourite 'hand to mouth' foods. Not that I can have them at the moment mind you ....

I love them in cottage cheese, on salad leaves etc etc ...

What does this doc reckon happens to them then?