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Mixing Shakes - Embarrassing moment

Ok so today, is my first OFFICIAL day on CD, met with CDC last night, got packs, so all set to go.

Arrived at work this morning complete with my braun hand blender, 2 shakes, plastic measuring jug and hey ho I was all set to go.

That was until a few moments ago, I stealthily wandered into our communual kitchen armed with my blender, jug and shake sachet. Measured water and emptied contents into jug, plugged in blender and then proceeded to blend.

I wasnt prepared for the noise. Neither was the rest of the office. 2 members of staff appeared at the kitchen door and asked if we had builders in. Another colleague walked by and asked if I could put a few shelves up while I was in there.

I am so embarrassed, the noise was horrendous but my shake is delicious.

I've heard some people on here mention other ways to mix shakes (without resorting to a whisk) Can you give me some ideas as my braun will not be making an appearance at work again....ever!

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You made me laugh out loud!! I go into our photocopying room to try and curb the noise a bit, but I know what you mean! Its only for a few seconds, so I would carry on with the blender. They will be too busy asking soon about your weight loss to worry about the noise!


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PS Hope Day 1 goes well
I had your scenario in my head and it just made me laugh out loud - thank you:D

Thats why I take Tetra packs to work - already mixed so no blenders required, maybe this will help

Good luck


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its all about the noise....

...... I have a jug blender which I use twice a day at work - I purposely blend when everyone's on the fone - its a standing joke now!

No one really cares - just tell em you're mixing up a smoothy or a protein shake .... Well its not a lie is it xxxxxxxxxx


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I actually did my soup with a fork today and it was fine.
I use a hand whisk, just put the handle between my palms and move my hands back & forth really fast, works brills and no lumps xxx

Lil K

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I take choc tetras to work as well and top them up with hot water - lovely!

I wouldn't worry too much about the noise of your blender, you've got the first shake out of the way (and all the jokey comments that went with it!). Everyone will soon get used to it - just keep on doing whatever you need to, to stick with the diet.

God luck xx
I noticed in the Lakeland catalgue (I must be getting old!!) that they do a beaker thing with a spiral ball in and it works like a whisk if you shake it - I think it's in the genius clipit box range.


please try again
you can get whisk mugs on ebay, battery powered dump the water and the powder into the mug and press the button
I bought an x-cell shake mixer off ebay, you have to shake pretty vigorously but your shakes will come out light and frothy and lump free. And it was only £1.99!

Dee x
Just a wee update on how today went at work. I DIDNT take my electric hand blender with me today but decided on my baloon whisk.

So there I was armed with my big plastic jug, baloon whisk, fruits of the forest shake mix and I whisked vigourously with it between the palms of my hands and it worked :D

I probably over shook it but hey, I was determined NOT to have lumps and apart from 2 tiny ones, the shake was perfect.

I did this at my desk and only got a few strange looks from my colleagues but mostly they were giggling. It was a bit of a laugh.


T4A x

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