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mmmm oh dear time to crawl back on ( again)


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:eek: the last month has been craptastic , two deaths of family members and an operation for myself, things have been hectic and stressful and the whole family probably only saw veg when we went out to a carvery:(. Not really put on a ton but i'm feeling a bit pants about using food as a comfort again and need a bit of a kick ( gently please i'm still sore) to get back to it and make some progress ( would really like to be in the 11's within a few weeks).
I know i alawys get great encouragement on this board , so thanks in advance lovelies ,
Wooly x
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Hi Wooly.
Currently in a similar postition to yourself at the moment. In the past week or so my great uncle was found dead after a heart attack, my great aunt was diagnosed with 3 tumors, and my mum's friend got rushed to hospital after aving a heart attack.

At first, I also used food as a comfort - then I realised I needed to kick that habbit.
My new way of looking at things is that, the more I stick to the plan the more weight I lose and the healthier I become. With all of these health scares at the moment I want to be as fit and healthy as possible.

Just my way of looking at things - hopefully this can spur you to jump back on the wagon.
Come on, we can do this :)


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Firstly big hugs to both of you.
Trying to eat healthy when you have so much crap going on.

You have already made the first step by coming on here and saying HELP :gen147:

Get back onto it and when you start to lose the weight again it will give you a boost.

Please let us know how you are getting on


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BIG HUGS to everyone struggling.
However hard we try to keep the food demons from our doorstep, life always seems to throw something in the way. Then because we feel bad & don't want to deal with our emotions we stuff them down with food, then we feel bad because we're eating in such a way that we know is bad for us, so we feel even worse, so we comfort eat....etc, etc......
Whenever you find yourself in such a predicament the hardest part is admitting the fact you've gone off track and finding the courage to climb back on the healthy horse & go all fruit and veggie! ;)
I think a lot of us are in the same boat so you're in good company - grab an oar and we'll soon get ourselves back on track!
Keep going hun & we're always here if you need to offload or rant. *hugs* xxxxxx
Sending positive vibes your way.
Aww wooly sounds like your having a rough time of it :(
Hope you are feeling better soon after your op. The last thing your probably thinking about is what sw friendly food to make for dinner!
It does help though by just trying your best to keep on track, worrying about what you've eaten that you shouldn't have is just one more thing to worry about..
Jump back on the wagon and draw a line under any bad food choices you've made recently.
Really hope things look up for you soon, funny how horrible things all come at once (((HUGS))) rest easy and make sure you take advantage and get everyone to run around after you ;) xxxx


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Wooly im sorry to hear about your losses and hope that you're ok. Whats going on in your life does put the whole dieting thing into perspective, but at the same time over eating and eating the wrong foods isnt really going to help the situation either. Just take it one day at a time. Make sure you focus on making yourself feel better emotionally.


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S: 12st10lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st11lb(6.18%)
thanks lovelies , think i'm getting my head round it a bit today and planning tomorrow's food , got some shopping in ( fruit and mullerlights ) looking at lean meat and salad for noms tonite so clambering back on it, what would i do without you all xxx

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