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Monday 10th Sept Hour by hour!!!

Morning gang!

Early start here today, my youngest daughter's teacher is coming to see us today to give her a start date for school!!

Had a pretty rubbish day yesterday, only did 3 1/2 litres of water, need to improve that today!!

Have a great day all and good luck weigh ins!! X
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Morning Nicky, hope everything goes well today.

I'm back on it after the Birmingham meet. Wasn't SSing but did stick to chicken and salads. There was a sainsbury across the road from the hotel so we trooped over there and bought bits and pieces.

My worst offender was the alcohol, but weighed myself this morning and have put 2lbs on, although body fat is down by 2%. That's the least I've ever put on after coming off the programme, so I'm aiming for an un-interrupted 21 days till the end of September.

We'll see.......
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morning peeps. we had zoe's teacher visit on Friday spooky. SHe starts at nursery next Monday.

Sarah, glad to hear you had a lovely weekend and well done for not going overboard with the food. Good luck for getting back on the wagon today and you'll have that 2lb back off in a day or two.

Ive got to go bra shopping today as my boobs are shrinking rapidly. They were gigantic at the start tho so can afford to lose some lol... no idea what size I need. Will be brave and get properly measured.
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Well...today is the start of day 4.

I only see my CDC every two weeks so I just couldn't resist the temptation of getting weighed today.

So after only dieting for 3 days, I have lost...wait for it....6 1/4 lbs :eek:

I have been panicing, ever since day one, incase I was the only person ever for it not to work.

Phewww...it does work after all :p



finding my way again !
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morning all !
well done Suzie, thats a fantastic start.
Sarah, hey hun 2lbs will soon dissapear in a flash, good luck for your 21 day challenge x
me, i've also just been to Brum & registered a 0.4lb loss hey ho back to the ole slim fast today.
oh yeah, your prob thinking "who's this pandora crashing our thread?" well last week you saw me posting as "muffin top" ~ long story but if you want the details my diary is in "weight loss diary" section, it tells all.
hope we all have a good day & good luck for anyone weighing in today
Hiya girls,
I didnt post all wk/end on here but did do a bit of lurking just to see how u were all getting on, couldnt have a total free minimins wkend :)

Have been feeling really down n low for past few days (posted on fridays daily bout it) ended eating a little at a bbq on saturday at mums for my dd 10th bday didnt go over board and jumped straight back on the wagon yesterday, h2b made me feel worse sat night as it felt like he were haveing digs bout weight loss ect but talked to him yesterday bout how i felt and he was sorry and said he didnt mean it the way i took blah blah blah and said he was only joking with me but it really didnt feel that way to me again all relates back to the post on fridays daily. Just felt like :cry: all wk/end!!
Any way sorry for the ramble and sorry for lurking over the wk/end girls


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Saffron I had a bit of a weekend like yours! Bf kept making comment and laughing but said he meant no harm...I was probably just super sensitive. So as a result I ate anything that wasnt nailed down on saturday! Had my first WI on sunday and lost 5lbs. It was better than I was expecting after eating so much. I didnt think it would have that effect that quick but my CDC said that it shows up nearly straight away. Shes away now for 3 weeks so Im a bit nervous being left on my own :(

Sarah youll have that 2lbs off in no time. I hope you enjoyed every minute of it!

Suzie,..well done you! Thats a fab weight loss for only 4 days :party0049:

Wannaloose8stone...the first think id like to shrink is my boobs! Theyre huge! YOull be able to buy all the really nice stuff now!

Spooky 3 1/2 litres is better than no litres at all. We all get days like that!

Pandora/muffin top gonna log on and read your blog now.

chat later guys x
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Weigh in later today, nervous as had two vodkas last night (i know bad, but it was either that or husband got serious wrath !), good luck to all today, had my first shake, on second glass of water now. TOTM so feel a bit bloated, hope I have lost at least a couple of pounds.


finding my way again !
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hey Claire,
if you're going to have alcohol then vodka is the least carb ladden one & should do least damage.
good luck & let us know how you get on
xx :)
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Thanks ever so, will let you know the results later tonight.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning all, Late on today as I had to work this morning til 9. Managed 2 litres so far..:tear_drop::tear_drop:.will have my shake later. Need to catch up on housework as well today, gets a bit neglected (Minimins fault).:character00148:
Wll get stuck in soon........well maybe after I have had a coffee ot two. :coffee:

Hope you all have a great day...lovely to see you back Pandora & good luck with the slimfast, you really sound positive.

Take care
Well, teacher has been and visited, she goes for a visit on thursday and starts on monday!! Yay!! She's really looking forward to it and she spent the morning charming the teacher!!
Off to town for an hour now, see you all later!
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)

Ive just eaten a sausage roll and I could kick myself.

Ive been so good for the last few weeks and I dont know what made me do it.

I had to pop into the bank and walked past the bakers. Zoe wanted a gingerbread man so we went in and the sausage rolls just smelt so lovely. I ordered one and ate it as soon as I left the shop before I could talk myself out of it. It was such a spur of the moment thing...

God Im so angry with myself.


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Dont worry wannaloose8stone it was a momentary blip. Just drink extra water to try and flush it out of you and hopefully there wont be any harm done x
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Well i'm restarting today after 2 weeks off.

Have had some peppermint tea and black coffee and have just had my 2nd shake of the day. I usually aim to drink 1.5 litres while i'm at work as it gets embarassing keep nipping to the loo, and am halfway there, i will aim to drink 3 .5 litres a day for a start until my bladder gets used to all the water again then i will go for more.

Hope everyone gets on okay with their weigh ins today

S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi all, another lunchtime quickie! I only get half an hour and by the time I make up a pack and get up to date with the posts I don't have much time left to post.

Doing well so far. Very very motivated today. Woke up and wasn't hungry so didn't have a shake. Peckish at 11am, so had half a bar. Not hungry now so haven't had my pack - will save it till later when I get home from work which is my danger time. Determined to do my 21 days non stop. This weekend has provided me with so much inspiration that I could barely fail to be motivated!

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Hiya everyone, Just on my lunch break at the moment. Feeling really poorly today, sore throat, ear ache, headache, and pain in my jaw all on the left side, got doctors later on so hopefully they will sort me out.Still feeling positive CD wise, im on day 8, not weighed in yet, my cdc has been on holiday and is back tomorrow so i'll find out then!xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Just sitting down to a hot chocolate shake. Managed 3 litres so far snd 1 Coke Zero...really must get on and do some more chores. Keep getting distracted....Minis keeps calling. The Arcade is sooo adictive.


Hope everyone is doing ok today...are there any weigh ins today?

SAM...these things happen, just put it aside and carry on drinking, I'm sure it won't make too much difference to your weight loss this week. Remember the feeling you had after you had eaten it....Not good eh!
The feeling you will have when you have finished your journey will be YES, I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! Hold that thought.

Good luck
Take Care

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