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MONDAY Hour X Hour

S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Here we are again! Monday - work day - booooooo.

Monday - weigh in day - yayyyyyyyyy!!!

Good luck tonight Katie and anyone else going to group!
.5 litre down, trying for the majority of it during the day.

Its supposed to snow tomorrow and weds! Yippeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I hope it does!!

Have a great day everyone!

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Morning All,

Yes Monday again boooo. Although I am looking forward to weigh in tonight. I am desperate to hit the two stone mark so fingers crossed.

I feel like I need a break from work why is the next bank holiday still so far away.

I am in a good mood really, just lacking some va va voom.

This week will be challenging for me as im off work. Being at home makes me want to eat as i get bored, and no going out this week as i have deliveries due and our kitchen is being re-done from wednesday.
Looking forward to getting another week closer to goal and full of confidence that we can ALL have a sucessful week.

Keep drinking that water
sil x
Morning All,

Feeling very very positive today, yesterday seemed easy to be back on SS. I am lucky that my weigh day is Wed instead of Tues as I am going into development so with fingers and everything else crossed it may not be as bad. I AM doing this;)

Good luck to everyone with your WI tonight will be thinking of you all.
Great to see your positivity is there Lady... we all know you are doing this:)
Silhoettes, I know what you mean about being at home... that's why the house is getting it's spring clean... plus, I have the energy to do it now!!!
Friday evening, I tried on everything in my wardrobe! now that was fun! I have about 6 tops left and 2 pairs of trousers that actually fit!!! The rest is bagged up ready to go to the charity shop (I won't ever need it again :)). I also tried on a dress that I wore for my christmas do in 2001... it fits better now than it did then!!! :D;):D
Good on you Bex, its lovely when you try on something of old and you find it fits:D

Are you back on the computer now, that will be good, its a lovely day for spring cleaning.
yes I'm back on lady, they finally sorted it out yesterday :) It was horrible not being able to get on! I felt like my arm had been chopped off. You don't realise how much you depend on a site like this! I did survive but it's much nicer having the support there :)
Whey Hey Bex we did miss you and I do know and agree and its awful.

Well done for surviving;)
morning all- i am off again this week too. LASt week was half term so was out and about - theey have gone back today so this week will be diff. i also feel abit low as i have had some omey left to me but as we have an IVA they say i have ti give it all to them to pay off our debst and i cant splash out boo hoo. Also i hav had argument with my paremst who still trat my like a kid. They have done alot for me but it seessm like they feel they have a hold on a need to control. I knwo thats sounds awful and i live them dearly but i get so frustrated. Sorry fpr rant
Rant away Jill, thats what we are here for. It sometimes helps to get things off your chest.

I think you will find that as you go through the LL programme you will have sessions, on Parent/child/adult which may help you.

Keep strong, and always feel free to rant.:)
Hey Lady. glad ur feeling happy today! Bex well done with the weightloss too, it's a nice feeling getting rid of the clothes! I got rid of 9 Blackbags of clothes 1-2 months ago! Only bought a few things since then, but will wait for summer now!

My body is achinggggg from the exercise I did yesterday (been lazy for the last 5 months), but better late then never, just got to keep up with it now! My Hubby is my personal trainer at the moment, we exercise together now in the evenings for 1-1.5 hours, turn by turn, (this does keep me motivated).

Have only had 1 litre so far. Have my WI on Wednesday, hope I have lsot something as last week my weight remained the same! My weightloss has started to slow down now!
Morning everyone- sorry I have been a bit slak on here lately- have been going home alot and dont have as much chance to access the net.
Everything is going ok- although have only managed 2 litres on sat and sun which is annoying- i feel so dehydrated now. there just arnt enough hours in the day to get it all down sometimes :(
ill get back on it today tho!
Since I started my LLC has never had the peanut or cran and raspberry bars cos of the shortage- went for my WI on sat and she had both I was so excited to try something new!!
and they are so tasty! has made my weekend =] It was just what I needed cos was starting to get so so bored of the same flavours. yummmmm!
They actually taste like real fooooddd!! yum yum.
Hope everyone is ok- those that are having a tough time hang on in there and come on here and moan to us whenever u feel like crap- it really helps =]
thanks all- yes i have done the Ta about parents child adult. and i feel that they can be critical parenst and nutring negative. I feel awful saying thise things about my parenst but I know that it makes me feel frustrated- dont know if it is lnked to my eating issues or not though. I know that i feel lik a child when with them though. Thisd is even though i am 45 and have two children. But however bd my weekedn was I didnt laspe whohc is good.

Well done to thiose who have weighed in a;ready and good luck to those who have yet to weigh. I WI on wed evening.

Those peanut and the cranberry bars aer great arnt they? I think my LL counsellor has run out now
Good on you Jill for not lapsing, dont worry about moaning about your parents, I often come on here and have a good moan about my daughter but it helps me get it off my chest.

Kellie glad you enjoyed the Cranberry and peanut bar, they are my two favourite with toffe following on. We are not restricted in our group. You had better get glugging:tear_drop::tear_drop:

Slimseaa good on you with the exercise, it must be nice that your hubby does it with you (the exercise I mean:eek:). Dont overdo it though as you might injure yourself and stay off the wardrobe:D

Oops I think the child in me is coming out again.:eek:
Hi all

Had a massive argument over nothing this weekend with my husband. I am so senstive since I started this. I seem to twist around what he says. So silly!

But on the plus side I had a really good drop-in on Saturday!

Kellie, I am in Cheltenham as well and just tried the new bars on Saturday...total lifesavers! Even took one to the cinema and it was like having such a treat!
Well, i have had a huge throwing out session. 5 bags of clothes to go, a video player, our old sky box and and a hoover. I have managed to put all the kitchen stuff into the bedroom ready for the builders on wednesday. Phew! now what can i do next to keep myself busy.

Hope that you guys are all still doing well


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I am SO much happier now! I don't feel ill at all and I have more energy. Yay!

I just tried a toffee bar and yum! Bars make such a big difference, don't they?

I'm staying away from the soups for a while. I just can't stomach them! Blech!

I'm spring cleaning today (and probably the rest of the week). I'm going to go through all my old clothes this week, too. I know I will feel SO much better when I've had a big clean and clear out. I hate clutter!

My girls on are half term so no reason to leave the house. I may take them out a couple of days, though. They are wanting to see Alvin & the Chipmunks AGAIN!

Mandee (asking from reading some of your other posts), where in America are you from? There are several of us "Yanks" here, aren't there?

Hope everyone is having a great day!


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S: 16st2lb C: 16st2lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I am so cold today, no matter what I do I am jsut freezing. Sitting in the office with my coat on brrrrrrrr:cool::cool::cool:

I am telling myself that my body is burning fat everytime I get goosebumps but its getting ridiculous now.

I want to be home in bed with my book!!! sulk sulk.

Oh well 4 hours to go then I can get out of here, not that I am counting the minutes.


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