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Monday hour x hour

Good morning Campers!

Well it's another bright and sunny morning here - unfortunately I'm not gonna see much of the sunshine today as I'm working through to 10pm tonight - there's a meeting 7-10 I have to go to so sadly there's no escape, it's gonna be a long day.

Hope you all have a great day and that BL and everyone else with a weigh all have good losses x
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Gosh Katie - that's a long day! Means you miss your weigh in too!! :( Hope your day goes fast!

I am going to be useless here for the next two days. I hjave just booked off Wedsday morning, as I was scheduled for hal a day - I realised I would not get a thing done because of all the excitement, so sod it - give me the whole day!!! Now thinking I could use that rationalisation and book off tomorrow, and this afternoon too!!! :D Shame leave alotments aren't endless!! :D
I am trying to work out what to do on the flight - I will be stuck at the airport or flying from 7am Thursday morning until 3am Friday morning. I planned to bring 2 bars, for on the plane. I know should only have one a day, but a one-off shouldn;t hurt too bad. But now realising, I may need a third pack to get through - I suppose the flight staff could boil me some water? I had wondered about making a muffin in advance - has anyone doen that and had it later? WAs it any good?? Well, I will figure something out.

Hope everyone has a great day!



constantly confused
Mornin all!

I'm not in a good mood today. Exhausted from my weekend of lots of work and no sleep, and am annoyed because I emailed my LLC last thursday and she still hasn't replied :cry:
sorry to all the people tired or who have to work in the sunshine :( but I shall be mostly sunning myself again today.

BL - I have made crisps up in advance and put them in a tupperware container for going away, I've also had 2 bars in a day when away for convenience.
Just don't have a bar on wednesday and then have 2 on thursday and you'll be fine.

I've got a hint of a tan and I'm feeling good about my size 18 tops I bought yesterday, when 8 weeks ago a size 24 top was getting tight.


Striving for slimness
did you email her about not being able to make the meeting toller-girl? Just cos when I asked on sat if she had heard from you and she said no she didnt know where you were? Maybe she didn't get it or something..hmm dunno.

Well it's gone back to being freezing here in the north east. Bitter cold and an awful damp fog. So bye bye to the skirts and sundresses and hello to the jeans and jumpers once again. Don't mind so much though, been a gorgeous weekend and we all back to work today anyhow.

I off to see speed racer at the cinema today after going through to see my LLC to get toffee bars (she didn't have any on sat and I can't live without them lol, can't wait to have one hehe)

congrats on the 18 tops mrspnut! That fab!!


constantly confused
Yeah Donna I did, must not have got through!

Have you ever emailed her? Maybe I've got the wrong address? I used the one on teh businesscard we've got from her :confused:


constantly confused
Off out to walk dogs now. I have just removed a massive, and I mean MASSIVE clump of fallen out hair from my head.

These side effects are really starting to get to me :cry:


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Hi all,
It is lovely down here in Essex again. Went round friends for the first barbecue of the season yesterday. My friend Petra is also on LL so we had a soup each after I cooked a load of food on the BBQ for everyone!


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Just noticed that if I add the 3lbs I lost on Atkins in the few days before I started LL, that I have now lost 7 stone this year! As I have failed all my other mini-goals in the last 3 weeks, I am hanging on to this one!
Well done Mikey 7 stone brill.

Well been so busy, I think people are more quite as they are making the most of the weather, you have to in this country.

Been busy at work this morning and horses this afternoon, done losts of tidying.

I am seriously thinking about getting a Wii, will it be difficult to set up for a silver haired old bird who is not very good at computers? (Well actually silver dyed blond - dont think I can hack silver just yet).

BL I am sure they will be able to supply you with hot water on the plane as dont the make tea and coffee. If not you could get bottled water and make up a drink in your LL shaker and I am sure 2 bars will be fine, my LLC said in emergencies it is better than nothing.

Cant comment on making stuff never ever conquered that one yet:D. Ooooo I bet you are getting excited.

TG email you councillor again and do a delivery/open request then you will at least know if it has arrived, hope you feel a bit better, but it would pee me off if my LLC did not reply.
BL I'd go with crisps as suggested, I've made them up beforehand and they still taste okay if they're in a tub.

Well my workday was long but didn't feel too bad - though it might tomorrow as I'm out till about the same time then too, then doing the same for at least 2 nights a week for the next few weeks ---- ahh well it won't last forever, least I get to claim the hours back during the days.


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Thanks LL.

The Wii is pretty easy to set up. The instructions make some sense (mostly)

It is just a matter of plugging it in to the power, plugging it in to the TV, syncing the remote (They will probably work staright away anyway) and syncing the wii fit to the wii.

I would recomend an additional controller and nunchuck (or even 3 additional ones if you want to play doubles tennis). There is usually a deal on where you can buy Wii Play with the extra controller for the price of a controller alone. I'd also recommend the optional charger with rechargeable batteries for the controllers. Argos often have these on half price offers when you buy a game from them.

I am sure that you will not get stuck, if you do, PM me and I'll call you.
Hey peeps...thanks for the ideas. Lady, I decided that is what I am going to do. I was reluctant as I have only ever made the soups and shakes with a blender, the over ice. Its going to be warm and lumpy! :rotflmao: But thats how its gonna be.

Thanks Katie - I just can't do the chip thing anymore. Can't get them down. So better off with a lump shake! :D

I do have one of those actaully, TG - will just depend on space in the bag as I did consider bringing that. Its OK for soups - no good for shakes - but I reckon I can get hot water on board? I am going to let the flight attendnats know when we board that I need a lot of water during the flight so they are warned!! :D

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