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Monday's Menus

I am trying to plan ahead to make sure I get all the A's & B's in etc, it has taken me some time to get my head around all of this :eek:

Green day today. I seem to prefer the green days (love chips, pasta, etc) but am trying to get some red days in too!

B: PorridgeHEb, Seeds/Nuts/Dried fruit Heb + 2 syns, muller light vanilla, grapes, HEa: milk
L: WW spaghetti, salad
Snacks: grapes, cherries, mullerlight
D: Quorn black pepper fillet, beans, chips, carrot sticks

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I usually have green days too. I thot u would lose more on red days but i asked my SW councellor and she said weight loss is the same. Im making quorn chilli for dinner. Havent tried the quorn fillets yet? Are they any good?


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I usually have green days too. I thot u would lose more on red days but i asked my SW councellor and she said weight loss is the same
I think its a personal thing because i lose more on red days. If i have too many greens in the week i don't lose much or anything at all.
Oooh are the Quorn fillets nice Steph?

This is what I have planned, I have mainly red days just because when I did SW before they seemed to work better for me although the promise of Syn free chips might lure me to a couple of green days :)

This is my plan for today:

Breakfast - 28g Shreddies (HE B) with milk (HE A) then mid morning I am going to have some chopped banana, strawberries and kiwi with a Muller Light over the top!

Lunch - cold chicken salad with fat free salad dressing and a small wholemean roll (HE B)

Dinner - I am making the Syn free Chicken Tikka Masala from a mag a few months ago but I am going to make it with Quorn meat pieces rather than chicken to see what they are like and with it we are having a big crunchy salad!

Dessert - I am definitely going to make the Tirramisu tonight with some added sweetner as it's not meant to be so nice without it.

Then throughout the day I might snack on more fruit and some Laughing Cows from my other HE A :)


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I can't say i've ever had quorn. Maybe i should try some.


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Todays menu
hmmmmmm, what to have???
Brekkie - 2 weetabix (heb), banana, grapes and strawberries topped with toffee mullerlight.
Lunch - ww ham & mushroom tagliatelle (9.5 syns) I know its a lot of syns for one meal but i'm trying to use up what i've got in the freezer
Dinner - Jacket potato, cheese (hea) and beans with loads of salad and corn on the cob.


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I fond the quorn sausages really bland. last time we had them i made a gravey which made them taste a lot beta. Think quorn needs strong flavours along with it, then its not too bad. Our shops up here in the north of Scotland dont have much variety of quorn. Im lucky if i can get any at all sometimes!
have a good day everyone!


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I understand people having quorn if they're vegetarian but for me i'd rather have a proper piece of meat rather than a substitute. (Oooooh i sound like joey from friends!!)


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Yeah, i'm online but you're not showing on my friends list hun.
And seriously i'm like Joey in more ways than one! (dunno if thats a good thing though?!)
I Lurve sandwhiches - oh and.................how 'you' doin???? lol


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Actually i'm on 790 so i get to eat chicken and veg!
You sound sooooo excited about that chicken and veg hun! Are you sure i can't tempt you to a nice juicy sausage?? (OMG it really DOES sound like porn!) rofl!!!
LOL.... Mmmmm a lovely cheesey flavoured sausage would go down a treat now... OMG it's just getting worse!!

Actually i've had my tetra (choc milkshake) and will look forward to my cranberry bar at 1pm.... coffee it'll be until then... 1 hour 42 minutes and counting!


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Mmmmm a lovely cheesey flavoured sausage would go down a treat now... OMG it's just getting worse!!
That quote is all kinds of wrong!! lmao!!
How much have you lost on CD? You must have the willpower of........well.......a thing with lots of willpower! lol

I lost 6.5 stone on CD and got to goal 18months ago. I'm currently a stone over target so am 790'ing to get the stone back off! I fluctuate a lot and this weight is from xmas gain weight! It's so much harder to maintain than lose i tell ya!


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WOW!! You've done really well!! You must be so proud of yourself! Wish i had to worry about maintaining as opposed to how to get my overly large backside into my jeans!! lol

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